Det vidste i garanteret ikke!

Se her, hvordan Hamas vandt over Israel i Gaza-striben (Hat tip: Hamas):

Palestinian Media Watch:

On the first day of its ceasefire with Israel, Hamas has added a new element to its propaganda campaign claiming that it won the war in Gaza. An animated film for children on Hamas TV depicts Israeli soldiers as cowards who are afraid to enter Gaza. They cry, “Mommy, Mommy,” as they head into battle, where they are all killed by Hamas gunfire.

The video ends with an Israeli soldier’s blood splattered on the screen, accompanied by a caption that reads, “Whoever dares, let him come! Gaza is his certain death.”

Observers have reported that hundreds of Hamas fighters were killed in the conflict, while Israel lost 10 soldiers in combat and three civilians in rocket attacks. However, in the attempt to present this war as a victory, Hamas TV reported today that Hamas lost only 48 fighters and killed 80 Israelis, including 49 soldiers.

This film aims to reinforce the victory myth that Hamas is trying to sell to its people.


Det må man altså ikke.

Ritzau: Israelsk militærpoliti er i gang med at afhøre en israelsk soldat, der er blevet filmet, mens han uprovokeret skød en anholdt palæstinenser i foden.

Palæstinenseren var iført håndjern, havde bind for øjnene og stod blot halvanden meter fra soldaten, da denne bevidst affyrede skudet.

- men hvad må man så?

- men hvad må man så?

UPDATE: Det drejede sig om en gummikugle, som den 7. juli, altså for to uger siden, ramte mandens storetå. Mere hos Uriasposten, YnetNews og Guardian, hvor man får en del mere at vide, end Ritzau vil ud med.

In the incriminating video, the soldier can be seen aiming his weapon from a distance of about 1.5 meters from the bound demonstrator, and firing rubber bullets towards the ground near his feet. According to the testimony given by the detainee, Ashraf Abu-Rahma, his big toe was injured in the shooting and he received medical treatment from a military medic, after which he was released by the soldiers.

“The army’s code strictly prohibits the injuring of detainees and requires the soldiers to maintain respect for them and the wholeness of their bodies. Incidents of injured detainees are transferred, according to IDF policies, to the IMP to be investigated. In this case, following the transfer of the tape, Military Advocate General Brig.-Gen. Avihai Mandelblit has ordered the IMP to launch an investigation into the matter.”

Godt, soldaten var et fjols. Så mangler vi bare at få muhamedanerne til selv at overholde Genéve-konventionerne.


En video fra Honest Reporting