EU, islam og Tyrkiet

Tyrkisk flag

Tyrkisk flag

Fra PI (langt indlæg)

How do Islam and a full EU membersip of Turkey contribute to the European social model? By its own definition, from the inside point of view, the EU is a community of values, an area of freedom, security and law, as well as a unique peace project which is responsible for prosperity. Christian Western values are not explicitly stressed, although the moral sensitivity undoubtedly stems from a Christian viewpoint.

From the outside point of view, the EU remains an attractive location for investment, trade relations and work opportunities. A coveted source of financing for development aid projects. A place where human rights gain more attention than in many parts of the rest of the world. But it has no political power, it is not a “global player” on the world stage. Furthermore, it is lacking in the Common Foreign and Security Policy, CFSP.

Economic success coupled with weakness in foreign policy makes the EU – in the eyes of the rest of the world – a huge NGO and an object of desire for other political forces. The Islamization of Europe is at the forefront, followed by the Turkish claim of dominating Europe. This country is paving its way forward. Negotiations in the sense of “giving and taking” do not take place. Turkey wants a Turkish Europe!

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