UK: Labour har besejret racismen!

News from Anglistan – det lokale socialdemokrati har nu besejret racismen:

Labour claimed today that it has drastically reduced the scourge of racism and that people from ethnic minorities are no longer automatically disadvantaged in modern Britain.

John Denham, the Communities Secretary, said in a speech that although racism still exists, Labour’s policies of promoting race equality in the last decade have helped to create a society that is more comfortable with diversity than ever before.

He claimed that it is outdated to assume that coming from a minority racial background is the main thing holding people back in society. People from all ethnic groups are just as likely to be held back by poverty and lack of opportunity, he said.

That's what we call equality for all!

Fra kommentarerne:

I have to laugh! Victory over racism? If only it were so.

The only thing labour have done is make people wary of discussing the “race” issue for fear of being labelled racist. Racism still exists, its just hidden. And its not just white people who are racist- it goes both ways.

Labour have contributed more to the building racial tension in this country with their policy of uncontrolled immigration, all the while failing to properly resource the services that these people will rely on- housing, education, health and so on. This complete lack of planning leading to strain on the services and thus reduced service for all, has contributed to a huge amount of the hostility towards immigrants. Add to that the Labour policy of PC appeasement, where these minorities can demand respect for their culture, religion and so on, but the same is not demanded in return- which has fuelled a huge amount of hostility- and we have the foundations for a tinder-box, just waiting for ignition, if we are not very careful.

So how exactly can Labour make such a claim? I can only assume that Labour really are living in a different universe to the rest of us.

Dont blame the BNP for being labelled racist in Labours Britain, 95% of the white community are labelled racist by Labour in Labours Britain.

Fanatical Muslims are permitted to preach racial hatred openly on the streets. It would seem there is one law for them and another for the rest of us.

Personally I wish that the tolerant Muslims who want to be British would be more forceful in condemning their aberrant brethren.