Pas på Internettets faldgruber!

Set i lyset af det generelle debatniveau på diverse avisers kommentator-spor er her et par gode tips:

Win An Internet Flame War
From Wired How-To Wiki

So it’s your first posting to an internet forum. You were on some band fanlist or something for a long time, reading and laughing and disagreeing, but never posting; until now. And you’ve written what you think is an intelligent, clear-minded opinion on a subject. Twenty minutes later, and you’re tearing out chunks of hair as a dozen people tear you a new net-hole.

Well, here are some tips so you can:
a) Recognize and refute these nefarious tactics.
b) Use them to your own nefarious advantage.

This article is part of a wiki. Contribute to it all you want, but please don’t start a flame war.

* 1 It’s All About Semantics
o 1.1 The Refutation
* 2 Insults Never Fail
o 2.1 The Refutation
* 3 Never Get Upset, Even When You Are
o 3.1 The Refutation
* 4 Make an Ass Out of You and Them
o 4.1 The Refutation
* 5 The Ultimate Refutation
* 6 In the Future

It’s All About Semantics
“Let’s not get bogged down in semantics,” is one line you will never see on the internet.

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