Islamisme i Tyrkiet

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by Bassam Tibi
Middle East Quarterly
Winter 2009, pp. 47-54

Since their electoral landslide victory in November 2002, Islamists within Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi, AKP) have camouflaged themselves as “democratic Islamic conservatives.”[1] The AKP claims to be the Muslim equivalent of the Christian-Democratic parties of Western Europe. Such an analogy is false, however. What the AKP seeks is not “Islam without fear,” to borrow the phrase of Trinity College professor Raymond Baker,[2] but rather a strategy for a creeping Islamization that culminates in a Shari‘a (Islamic law) state not compatible with a secular, democratic order. The AKP does not advertise this agenda and often denies it. This did not convince the chief prosecutor of Turkey who, because of AKP efforts to Islamize Turkey, sought to ban the party and seventy-one of its leaders. While the AKP survived a ban, the majority of justices found that the AKP had worked to advance an Islamist agenda and undermine secularism.[3] Nevertheless, the AKP enjoys the backing of the United States and the European Union as well. Through its support for institutional Islamism in Turkey, the West loses its true friends: liberal Muslims.

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Naivitet og historisk erindringsformåen

Fra AINA (læs det hele!) – hat tip Sonia

Religion of Peace

West (and Christian world at large) will be committing hara-kiri by trying to forge an alliance with Islam. History records that all alliances with Islam since Treaty of Medina with Jews, and treaty of Hudaibya with Meccans who were till then non-Muslims in Prophet’s lifetime were eyewash and counterproductive for those who signed them.

Multiculturalism, Arab Nationalism, Indian Nationalism, Secularism, Communism, nothing has been able to contain the adherents of Islam in peace. It is like sleeping with the enemy; and West has already slept enough over the problem.

Mr. Khatami said Islam doesn’t sanction terrorism; Mr. Erdogan said Islam speaks of love. Only two kinds of people will believe it. First, those have not experienced Islam (although television and mass-media acts as substitute to first hand experience) and Second, those who have not studied Islam.

Og dét er folk som Rune Engelbrecht, Carsten Agger og flere andre, som sandelig ikke har tid til at sætte sig ind i, hvad deres protegéer egentlig har for en ideologisk baggrund, og derfor nægter at læse koran, sunnah og hadith “som en anden koranskoleelev”. De stakkels, forfulgte muhamedanere kommer jo fra en minoritet på tæt ved en milliard analfabetiske fanatikere.

Jaja, det giver jo på samme måde også mening at udtale sig om socialisme uden at vide det mindste om dialektisk materialisme, ikke sandt… 😐