BNP optager (selvfølgelig) “farvede”

Musik fra Golden Temple i Amritsar

– og det viser sig, at hinduer og sikh’er heller ikke er for begejstrede for den multikuturalistiske politiske korrekthed, fordi muhamedanerne ødelægger det for alle andre indvandrere.

Det må være lidt af en bét for venstrefløjen og indvandrings-lobbyen.

Fra Selveste Guardian (læs det hele):

Rajinder Singh is flicking through the Pakistani channels on his Sky box from his sofa in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Dressed in a crimson turban, he sits a metre from the ­enormous screen, translating the odd phrase for my benefit. He’s trying to show me why he’s determined to join the British National Party – the only party he considers “brave” enough to “break out of the burkha called ­political correctness”.

Last year, the Equality and ­Human Rights Commission forced the BNP to change its constitution on the grounds that restricting membership to ­”indigenous Caucasians” broke the Race Relations Act. A new constitution is expected to be agreed at a party meeting this Sunday, and if it’s amended both Singh and the BNP think he would be ideal as the party’s first non-white ­recruit. Communications and campaigns ­officer Martin Wingfield has personally endorsed him on his blog, calling for the party to “adapt and survive and give the brave and loyal Rajinder Singh the honour of becoming the first ethnic minority member”.