Jihadister fra Gaza angriber Israel

Den her har I ikke læst om i aviserne eller hørt omtalt i de elektroniske medier:

Jihadists try to enter Israel from Gaza, firefight lasts several hours

But it’s the Israelis who must show that they want peace, according to the post-American President.

(ANSAmed) – JERUSALEM, MARCH 22 – A firefight lasting several hours took place today on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip following an apparent attempt by armed Palestinians to infiltrate into Israel near the Kissufim border crossing. According to initial reports from Israel TV station, three Palestinians were captured, according to other sources, three were killed. According to an Arab TV station, an Israeli soldier was killed, news that has not yet been confirmed officially in Israel. (ANSAmed).

Mere islam-sjov fra Pakistan

Pakistan: Mob of “pro-Taliban radicals” beats student to death for playing music

Emulating Muhammad’s profound hostility toward music. “Student beaten to death for playing music,” from Big News Network, March 20:

A student has died after being beaten to death by pro-Taliban radicals at a Pakistani university.
The beating, which occurred earlier in the week, culminated in the death of Anan Khan, who attended the University of Engineering & Technology in Peshawar. He was severely beaten with several other students at the university by members of a student wing of the hard-line Jamiat-e Islami party.
Witnesses have said the IJT attacked Adnan for playing music.
Members of the IJT have a record of breaking up music appreciation functions and dance parties on the campus.

Pakistansk kristen brændt levende

Via Jihad Watch:

Pakistani Christian burned alive, wife raped by police for refusing to convert to Islam

The Qur’an says there is “no compulsion in religion (“ingen tvang i religionen”, et Medina-vers (2:256)) but Islamic law and the Qur’an itself are actually full of subtle and not-at-all-subtle means of coercion of non-believers (e.g., dhimmi status, the jizya tax, and of course, warfare). Add to that a situation where authorities, steeped in hatred of unbelievers (jfr. 98:6, et Mecca-vers med ganske andre boller på suppen) are not accountable, and this is what happens.

002.256 (Mecca):
YUSUFALI: Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.
There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error. And he who rejecteth false deities and believeth in Allah hath grasped a firm handhold which will never break. Allah is Hearer, Knower.
There is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error; therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Shaitan and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing.

098.6 (Medina):
YUSUFALI: Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein (for aye). They are the worst of creatures.
Lo! those who disbelieve, among the People of the Scripture and the idolaters, will abide in fire of hell. They are the worst of created beings.
Surely those who disbelieve from among the followers of the Book and the polytheists shall be in the fire of hell, abiding therein; they are the worst of men.

Om Mecca– og Medina-versene: Mecca-versene er kronologisk senere og meget mere krigeriske end de tidligere Medina-vers. Desværre står koranen ikke nedskrevet i kronologisk rækkefølge. Hvis man vil læse koranen kronologisk, skal man læse den i denne rækkefølge:

Sura 96, 74, 73, 93, 94, 113, 114, 1, 109, 112, 111, 108, 104, 107, 102, 92, 68, 90, 105, 106, 97, 86, 91, 80, 87, 95, 103, 85, 101, 99, 82, 81, 84, 100, 79, 77, 78, 88, 89, 75, 83, 69, 51, 52, 56, 53, 70, 55, 54, 37, 71, 76, 44, 50, 20, 26, 15, 19, 38, 36, 43, 72, 67, 23, 21, 25, 17, 27, 18, 32, 41, 45, 16, 30, 11, 14, 12, 40, 28, 39, 29, 31, 42, 10, 34, 35, 7, 46, 6, 13, 2, 98, 64, 62, 8, 47, 3, 61, 57, 4, 65, 59, 33, 63, 24, 58, 22, 48, 66, 60, 110, 49, 9, 5.)

“News Alert: Pakistan Christian “Burned”, Wife “Raped”, For Refusing Islam,” from BosNewsLife, March 20 (thanks to DJM):

Arshed Masih is fighting for his life after he was nearly burned to death by Muslim militant leaders backed by police, sources tell BosNewsLife. Photo: BosNewsLife Correspondent reporting from the region

RAWALPINDI, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)– A Christian man was fighting for his life in Pakistan’s Punjab province Saturday, March 20, after Muslim leaders backed by police burned him alive for refusing to convert to Islam, while his wife was raped by police officers, Christian and hospital sources familiar with the case told BosNewsLife.

Arshed Masih was burned Friday, March 19, in front of a police station in the city of Rawalpindi near Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, following apparent death threats from his Muslim employer Sheikh Mohammad Sultan, an influential businessman, and religious leaders, said the Rawalpindi Holy Family Hospital.

His wife, Martha Arshed, was allegedly raped by police officers (Frynsegode? AL). Their three children — ranging in age from 7 to 12– were reportedly forced to witness the attacks against their parents.

“Both [Masih] and wife were rushed to the Holy Family Hospital and are under treatment,” the hospital said. He was listed in serious condition with about 80 percent of his body burned.

Local police officials said they were “aware” of the attacks carried out by Muslim leaders and apparently at least some officers and added that an investigation was underway. No arrests were reported yet late Saturday, March 19.

Sheikh Mohammad Sultan could not immediately be reached for comment and it was not clear whether he had been in contact with police Saturday, March 20.

Before tensions emerged about their Christian faith, Masih worked as a driver and his wife as a maid for the Muslim businessman since 2005, Christians said.

The couple apparently lived with their children in the servant quarters of Sultan’s estate in Rawalpindi, a key trade and tourist destination. In January, religious leaders and Sultan allegedly asked Arshed to convert to Islam with his whole family. After he refused, the group reportedly threatened him with “dire consequences

Arshed offered to quit his job, but the businessman allegedly said he would “kill” him if he were to leave. He apparently also told Christian mediators that he would never allow the Christian family to live somewhere else.

This week tensions raised after Sultan reported a theft of 500,000 Pakistani Rupees (5,952$), according to a document seen by BosNewsLife.

The Christian family members were not named as suspects in the so-called ‘First Information Report’ from police.

Sources familiar with the situation, who asked not to be identified for security reasons, told BosNewsLife that the businessman had offered the couple to drop the case if they convert to Islam or “else that both would not see their children again.”

However, “Arshed refused to convert and stood firm in his faith. Arshed`s wife was raped by the police and he was burned alive,” Friday, March 19, local Christians said, speaking on condition of anonimity.

The case comes at a time when church groups have complained about growing attacks against minority Christians by Muslim militants, often with the alleged support by local law enforcement officials and other authorities.

Hvorfor terrorisme er tilladt i islam

Tak for inspirationen til min ivrige læser Ab.

Submitted by Ayesha Ahmed on Sat, 03/06/2010 – 05:51

In the west , Islam is very attractive to violent hateful and socially misfit individuals. Here are some examples.


One such individual in England was Nick Riley.  A fat misfit who was rejected by the girls he was attracted to started hating those who were able to make out. The miserable and unhappy slob wanted to kill the successful happy people around him. He found Islam and loved it’s ideology of hate, violence, murder, and suicide bombing and the great reward of sex with 72 virgins with swelling breasts for killing kuffar promised by Allah for bloodshed. He could get something in paradise which he desired badly but was unable to get here. He communicated with jihadis in Pakistan and planned a suicide bombing mission. Here is a news report on him:


They were two wierdos and misfits who were attracted to Islam for it’s very violent God and prophet and guarantees of joys of paradise for killing and bloodshed. They formed an Islamic cell with two other misfit converts and planned a 9/11 to kill hundreds of kuffar. Unfortunately they were caught before their adventure.

Ringleader Fritz Gelowicz was sentenced to 12 years, his German accomplice Daniel Schneider – both converts – was given 11 years and two other men were jailed for five years for their roles in a plot to detonate explosives 100 times more powerful than those used in the 2005 London bombings. (That’s ALL?)

The four men were known as the ‘Sauerland cell’, after the tourist region where they stockpiled massive amounts of chemicals for the bombs.

Ringleaders Fritz Gelowicz (left) and accomplice Daniel Schneider

Læs resten

Islamistisk fredsinitiativ? Hmmmm…

En prominent islamisk autoritet vil offentliggøre en 600 sider lang forordning, der fordømmer terrorisme. Målet med forordningen, der bliver offentliggjort i London, er at overbevise unge muslimer om, at de skal vende ekstremismen ryggen.

Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri har arbejdet for at fremme fred og dialog mellem religionerne i 30 år. Og det er ikke den første fatwa, der er udstedt mod terrorisme.

ul-Qadri er ikke desto mindre medlem og medstifter af den – efter vestlige forhold – ekstremistiske organisation Minhaj ul-Quran. Man kunne jo frygte, at dette udelukkende er et publicity-stunt, som har til formål at berolige dhimmierne i Vesten. Jeg håber da det bedste, men erfaringsmæssigt stiller jeg mig skeptisk.

En række islamiske grupper har siden terrorangrebene på USA i september 2001 fordømt terrorisme. Men Qadri siger, at hans fatwa, der erklærer terrorister og selvmordsbombere for vantro, går længere end nogen tidligere forordning.

– Der er tale om den første mest omfattende fatwa om terrorisme, der nogen sinde er skrevet, siger Qadri, der har skrevet over 350 bøger om islamisk videnskab og selv forsker i sufisme, der fokuserer på fred og tolerance

(Løgn! Sufismen er ekstremt voldelig. Ritzau misinformerer her groft. AL).

Tim Winter (aka Abdal Hakim Murad), der underviser i islamiske studier ved Cambridge Universitet

(- og selv er konverteret til islam! Dette finder Ritzau det ikke værd at nævne. Se linket. AL),

siger, at Qadri synes at gå længere i sin fordømmelse af terror end andre muslimske lærde før ham.

– At erklære skurkene for vantro er usædvanligt. Det er helt klart et initiativ, der hjælper, siger Tim Winter.

Elvis lever!

The King!

The King

Jeg vidste det! Jeg så ham selv henne i Bilka den anden dag!

I was all shook up!

… to hackere, Adam Laurie and Jeroen Van Beek, gjorde forsøget i Schiphol Airport i Amsterdam i september 2008, hvor de kørte et pas udstyret med Elvis Presleys navn og billede og en falsk datachip gennem en selvbetjenings-automat. Og få sekunder senere var The King klar til take-off.

Det ville jo have været morsomt, hvis det nu ikke havde været fordi man udelukker det menneskelige element ved frasortering af mulige terrorister, af angst for at blive kaldt racist fordi man laver profiling. Det er de ikke bange for i Ben Gurion-lufthavnen i Tel Aviv – de er mere bange for bomberne. Så de slipper ikke “Elvis” gennem sikkerhedskontrollen.

Pas, og evnen til at forfalske dem, er kommet tilbage i søgelyset efter den tilsyneladende brug af falske dokumenter i forbindelse med mordet på en af lederne af Hamas i Dubai i januar.

At bruge skjold

The Fat Lady slår dette op som en nyhed:

Talebanbevægelsen i Afghanistan bruger i stigende grad civile som skjolde mod angreb fra de internationale styrker, siger afghansk general.

Ja, selvfølgelig. Det er en del af islamisk krigstaktik. Det samme har man kunnet iagttage i Gaza, på Vestbredden, på Balkan (hvor islamister på et tidspunkt overfaldt en islamisk begravelse med maskingevær-ild, og skød skylden på Serberne) og alle andre steder, hvor islam fører krig (det vil sige: Overalt hvor islam findes, OGSÅ i Europa).

I islam er individet uden betydning, det eneste, der tæller, er “ummah’en” – altså de “troende”, lige meget hvor de iøvrigt opholder sig. Glem ALT om Genéve-konventioner, menneskerettigheder og pålidelige forhandlinger.

Måske er der gået en prås op for “The Lady”, eller også er der ikke, så man bruger historien til at markere at man skam er med fremme i skoene…

Her kan Lars Hedegaard godt gå hjem og lægge sig

Hedegaard slagter man på grund af en generalisering om kønsroller i Islam. Medine blev bare slagtet. Lad os endelig lukke nogle millioner mere ind fra den “kultur”.

Hat tip Steen

Acting on a tip-off, police discovered Medine Memi’s body in a sitting position with her hands tied, in a two-metre-deep hole in a chicken pen outside her house in Kahta town, Adiyaman province, 40 days after she went missing, the agency said.

A subsequent post mortem revealed that she had a significant amount of soil in her lungs and stomach, meaning that she was buried alive, foresic experts told the agency.

“The autopsy result is blood-curdling. According to our findings, the girl — who had no bruises on her body and no sign of narcotics or poison in her blood — was alive and fully conscious when she was buried,” one anonymous expert said.

Medine’s father and grandfather have been formally arrested and jailed pending trial over her killing, the agency said.

The father is reported to have said in his testimony that the family was unhappy she had male friends.

Aber og neanderthalere!

In honour killings, most prevalent in Turkey’s mainly Kurdish southeast, a so-called family council names a member to murder a female relative considered to have sullied the family honour, usually by engaging in an extra-marital affair.

But the practice has gone so far as to kill rape victims or women who simply talked to strange men.

Islamiske kvinder og voldtægt

Det er da også for galt. Først kommer Lars Hedegaard og fremturer med, at de islamiske gentlemen ikke ved, hvordan kvinder skal behandles. Og så kommer Robert Spencer med nedenstående smuds:

Hun tillod sig at blive voldtaget

Recently someone forwarded me a pseudo-scholarly piece by a smooth Islamic apologist purporting to prove that I was wrong, wrong, wrong (and therefore evil as well, of course) about Islamic rules of evidence for crimes of zina (adultery, fornication, and other sexual offenses), and claiming that rape victims in the Islamic world are never punished for being raped.

The slick liar who penned that piece ought to get 100 lashes along with “Camille” for his obfuscation and enabling of this kind of torture of women.

An OFW is an Overseas Filipino Worker.

“Gov’t urged to aid raped OFW in Saudi,” from abs-cbnNEWS.com, January 21 (thanks to Jen):

MANILA, Philippines -An alliance of Filipino migrant organizations on Thursday blamed the government for its alleged inaction on the case of an OFW who was a victim of rape in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.In a press statement, Migrante International said the OFW’s family fears that Saudi authorities would soon carry out the 100 lashes penalty before releasing Camille (not her real name).

Camille got pregnant as a result of the rape. However, she lost the baby on her fourth month of pregnancy.

The group learned from Camille’s relatives that the OFW had a miscarriage last December 2009 while detained at the Hafer Al Baten jail….

The Filipina was working as a janitress at a dental clinic for about 3 months when she was attacked by a co-worker, a Bangladeshi national only identified as a certain Mr. Mammon, last year.

Out of fear of the suspect, the victim decided to remain silent. She only revealed her ordeal when she found out she was pregnant….

PS om generaliseringer og a propos Lars Hedegaard: Hvis jeg nu offentligt udtaler: “Danske kvinder tager fortrydelsespiller.” – betyder det så, at jeg absolut mener, at ALLE danske kvinder tager fortrydelsespiller hver dag?

Man kan ikke føre en normal samtale uden at generalisere, og det ved LH’s kritikere også udmærket.

Karen Ellemann igen igen – nu med niqab!

Hvor har Løkke fundet hende? Går han på jagt med hendes far eller hvad? (Ja, det gør han jo sandsynligvis…)

Først var det madpakkesagen, hvor arrogante Ellemann ville sende “hyrdebreve” rundt for at få det genstridige vælgerkvæg til at makke ret – denne gang er det den famøse “burqa-rapport“, som er fremstillet af “folk med interesse i sagen” – dvs. folk som Reino “wahoo” Pedersen, diverse lektorer på Carsten Niebuhr (ingen nævnt, ingen glemt), islamiske taquiyaforeninger og den nye radio med Rune Engelbreth. Disse “eksperter”, som man må formodes at de bliver benævnt, har kun talt med et par mullah’er og nogle skræmte muslima’er, og konkluderer, at der ikke er nogen i Danmark der går med burqa…

Jeg ser jævnligt disse indpakkede kvinder (???) gå rundt her, hvor jeg bor, i både niqab og burqa (jeg kan nemlig se forskel – rejst i Østen, anyone?) – og det er ikke på Nørrebro!

Må jeg have lov at se deres kørekort - øh - fru?

Det går sg* godt for venstre for tiden, sagde hunden. Gud ske lov har vi Dansk Folkeparti til at holde dem lidt i ørerne, hvad man så ellers måtte mene om DF’s politik.

Burqaer? I tager fejl, det er niqab'er.

Indenrigs- og socialminister Karen Ellemann (V) offentliggør nu den omdiskuterede rapport om udbredelsen af burkaer og niqab’er i Danmark.

Det sker efter pres fra blandt andre Dansk Folkeparti.

– Vi har valgt nu at offentliggøre rapporten fra Københavns Universitet for simpelthen at undgå flere misforståelser, siger Karen Ellemann.

Ifølge rapportens hovedforfatter er der tre, der bærer burkaer i Danmark og mellem 150-200 niqabklædte, men den konklusion er blevet kritiseret.

Karen Ellemann vil hverken kommentere kritikken af rapporten eller forklare, om regeringen vil lovgive mod burkaer. Rapporten skulle slet ikke have været offentliggjort før regeringens arbejdsgruppe er klar, og det er den ikke endnu.

– Det er ikke færdigt endnu, og det har jeg forstået kommer til at ske snarest, men kan ellers ikke gå ind i det og sige yderligere, siger Karen Ellemann.

Taleban angriber Kabul

Fredens religion® for fuldt blæs (AP)

Det er vel ikke Carsten Kofod, der er begyndt at tage sin hobby lidt for seriøst???


Oprørerne er nået frem til et område i hovedstadens stærkt bevogtede centrum, der huser landets centralbank, justitsministerium og præsidentpalads.

Sikkerhedskilder har oplyst til Reuters, at der befinder sig 10 selvmordsterrorister i butikker og banker i byen.

Taleban-bevægelsen oplyser, at 20 af gruppens folk, herunder selvmordsbombere, er involveret i kampen med afghanske sikkerhedsstyrker.

– Det er os, der står bag. Målene er præsidentpaladset, finansministeriet, justitsministeriet, mineministeriet og centralbanken, siger en Taleban-talsmand til nyhedsbureauet AFP.

Dansk ambassadepersonale er i ambassadens sikrede kælder. Suk…

Så er det tid til årets første indlæg

Fra 1994, men stadig lige aktuel 16 år efter:

"Virtual Reality"

Glemte kvinder

– Situationen for kvinder i Afghanistan er desperat.

Så kontant lyder konklusionen i en spritny rapport om afghanske kvinders vilkår fra Human Rights Watch.

Alt imens den amerikanske præsident Obama i sidste uge proklamerede, at han inden for de næste tre år vil trække styrkerne ud af Afghanistan, fastslår organisationen, at otte års tilstedeværelse af vestlige soldater ikke har gjort livet nævneværdigt nemmere for piger og kvinder i landet.

Vold og diskrimination
Det på trods af, at Danmark, USA og resten af de allierede, i 2001, proklamerede, at et af de vigtigste formål med krigen var at kæmpe for demokrati – og mod undertrykkelsen af de afghanske kvinder.

– I dag, otte år efter Talibans fald, er afghanske piger og kvinder fortsat nogle af de kvinder i verden, der har det værst – på alle områder. De lider under omfattende vold og diskrimination, har dårlige retsforhold og ringe adgang til uddannelse, lyder det i den nye rapport ‘We Have the Promises of the World: Women’s Rights in Afghanistan’.

Frygter overgreb og korruption
Ifølge rapporten var der en klar positiv tendens for kvindernes rettigheder fra 2001-2005, men udviklingen er gået i stå – og tilbage flere steder. Kvinderne er blevet glemt.

Endnu en tragisk dato – årsdagen for de islamiske terrorangreb i Mumbai

On this day, my deepest condolences to all the victims of islamic jihad in Mumbay!

Mumbai 2006

Homage for Mumbai victims, support for India from world over

Homage for the victims and words of support for India’s battle against terrorism poured in from across the world as the first anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks was observed on Thursday.

Paying tribute to victims of the deadly terror strikes that left 166 people dead, Australian Defence Minister John Faulkner said such attacks were a reminder that the threat of terrorism continued and there is need for constant vigilance.

“Australia was deeply shocked and appalled by the deadly and horrific attacks. Today, as we remember the victims we need to remind ourselves that the threat of international terrorism continues. We must remain vigilant and work together to defeat terrorism in all its forms,” he said.

Hundreds of Indians along with Australians and people of other nationalities joined a candlelight vigil at the Federation Square in Melbourne to remember the victims.

Iran opruster nukleart

Som om det kommer bag på nogen:

Mens Vesten ser til som Biedermann, som låner brandstifterne tændstikker; med Israel som eneste nation i området, der er klar til at gøre noget, mens England, Frankrig, Tyskland og resten af EU hælder vand ud af ørerne, fortsætter de storgrinende ayatollah’er i Teheran med at line op til Armageddon samtidig med, at de bruger UNHRC til anti-israelsk, racistisk propaganda.

Jeg er vokset op i 50’erne, og kan godt være angsten for et atomangreb foruden.

Hvis det fortsætter på denne måde, kan det ende med, at UN sender en alvorlig notits til Det iranske Præstestyre. Og hvis det ikke hjælper, sender de en endnu alvorligere. Uha, uha.

Det iranske atomanlæg

Det iranske atomanlæg cirka 30 kilometer nord-nordøst for byen Qom

Irans angiveligt »fredelige atombyggeri« er for småt til et atomkraftværk. Det kan kun bruges til at bygge en bombe, siger eksperter.

Iran kan være meget tættere på konstruktionen af en atombombe end tidligere troet.

Det oplyser flere kilder til nyhedsbureauet AP efter eksperter fra Det Internationale Atomenergi Agentur (IAEA) har haft mulighed for at undersøge et angiveligt »fredeligt og civilt« atombyggeriet nær den hellige by Qom.

Bygningerne er for små til civile formål og kan således kun bruges til at udvinde radioaktivt uran, der er den afgørende del af en atombombe, lyder konklusionen.

Vil bygge civilt
De iranske myndigheder har flere gange gentaget, at de alene ønsker at opbygge et civilt atomkraftværk for at skabe energi.

Israel frygter derimod, at Iran forsøger at skaffe sig adgang til en atombombe, og Israel har angiveligt givet den amerikanske præsident, Barack Obama, en frist til nytår for at finde en løsning. Ellers vil Israel overveje angreb.

Byggeriet begyndte for syv år siden, og Iran er tilsyneladende blot ét år fra at færdiggøre faciliteterne.
Iran afslørede selv

Iran oplyste først selv om tilstedeværelsen af byggeriet i september i år kort før præsident Ahmadinejad deltog i åbningen af FN’s generalforsamling.

Det skete tilsyneladende fordi internationale efterretningstjenester allerede havde opdaget byggeriet og ville offentliggøre oplysninger om Irans fremskridt, skriver nyhedsbureauet AP.

Iran mødes formentligt i næst uge med forhandlere fra USA, Rusland, Kina, Storbritanien, Frankrig og Tyskland for at fortsætte forhandlinger om en mulig eksport af det radioaktive materiale.

Foreløbig uden en aftale.

Andet atomkraftværk
Iran har også et atomkraftværk i byen Natanz, som er omgivet af stort hemmelighedskræmmeri.

Her er samtlige bjerge i nærheden udstyret med antiluftskyts i tilfælde af et angreb.


Fra UNWatch:

U.N. Human Rights Council witnesses dramatic face-off when head of controversial UN “fact-finding” mission on Gaza unexpectedly confronted by one of his own witnesses. Dr. Mirela Siderer, an Israeli doctor brutally disfigured by a 2008 rocket attack fired from Gaza into her Ashkelon medical clinic, pointedly accused Judge Richard Goldstone of ignoring her July oral testimony in his report, and of failing to disclose material information concerning the mandate and members of the mission. Both declared Israel guilty in advance. Testimony arranged by the Geneva human rights organization UN Watch.


My name is Dr. Mirela Siderer. I am a gynecologist living in Ashkelon, Israel.

Judge Richard Goldstone, in July you invited me to testify. I told you my story. I am known by my patients — including many women from Gaza. For me, every human being is equal.

On May 14, 2008, my life was changed forever. I was working in my clinic. Suddenly, the building was hit by a missile, fired from Gaza. I was terribly wounded. Blood was everywhere. My patient was also wounded, and more than 100 others. Next month will be my eighth operation.

Judge Goldstone, I told you all of this, in detail. I testified in good faith. You sent me this letter, saying, “Your testimony is an essential part of the Mission’s fact-finding activities.”

But now I see your report. I have to tell you: I am shocked.

Judge Goldstone, in a 500-page report, why did you completely ignore my story? My name appears only in passing, in brackets, in a technical context. I feel humiliated.

Why are there only two pages about Israeli victims like me, who suffered thousands of rockets over eight years? Why did you choose to focus on the period of my country’s response, but not on that of the attacks that caused it? Why did you not tell me that this council judged Israel guilty in advance, in its meeting of last January? Why did you not tell me that members of your panel signed public letters judging Israel guilty in advance?

Judge Goldstone, you, too, signed such a letter, saying you were “shocked” about Gaza. But where were you when Gaza attacked my medical clinic, in violation of international human rights and humanitarian law? Where was this council? Why were you all silent?

* * *

Goldstone’s Response:

With regard to the statement made by Dr. Siderer, I’m clearly upset that she feels humiliated by the report. She was treated in the report in no way different to that of other victims who spoke to us. She was referred to in the report as one of the people who was injured as a result of a rocket attack on a shopping center in Southern Israel. The report also refers to the fact that the evidence of the people who gave evidence to us are available on the website of the OHCHR. It is there for anybody to see.


UN Watch Note: Dr. Siderer posed 8 simple questions. Goldstone avoided all except one, and on this was non-responsive and misleading. Dr. Siderer never said that she wasn’t “referred to,” but rather complained that her story was ignored, and that her name was mentioned only “in passing, in brackets, in a technical context;” and that this underscored how he overlooked 8 years of suffering of the rocket victims. Here is Dr. Siderer’s original testimony; here is Goldstone’s report. Search her name — it turns up but once, in passing, in par. 1640. Goldstone’ s claim that other witnesses were given similar treatment is manifestly false: see, e.g., the report’s repeated and in-depth discussion of witness Abu Askar. What is clear is that the report gives short shrift to Israeli suffering by its selective focus on the period of Israel’s response to the rocket attacks (Dec. 2008 and Jan. 2009), instead of to the attacks themselves (2001-2009)

Asylansøgende løgnere

Det kan man vist kalde en spand iskoldt vand i hovedet på Brorson-lobbyen.

Læs på Uriasposten, Snaphanen og i Ekstra Bladet (ikke online).

Mad dogs and danish politicians

Biederman har dialog

Biederman har dialog

I Venstre og Socialdemokratiet ved man tydeligvis ikke nok om islam, hvis man tror, at man kan få noget ud af at forhandle med folk, som skærer hænder af, brænder pigeskoler og stener kvinder, fordi de er blevet voldtaget.

Taleban overholder ingen konventioner overhovedet, deres hjerner er sendere uden modtagerenhed, og de kan kun sende på én bølgelængde. Og vestlige politikere bliver ved med at fodre krokodillen og låne brandstifterne tændstikker.

For my english speaking readers: I satirise on the danish government, who wants to negotiate with the Taleban…

V og S: Fornuftigt at forhandle med Taleban

Venstre og Socialdemokraterne accepterer, at det danske militær samarbejder med Taleban i Afghanistan.

Ifølge Socialdemokraternes udenrigsordfører Mogens Lykketoft og Venstres forsvarsordfører Karsten Nonbo er det nødvendigt og fornuftigt, at det danske militær samarbejder og forhandler med Taleban-folk. Det skriver Berlingske Tidende.

“Man er nødt til at anskue det sådan, at hvis man vil vinde i Afghanistan, så er man nødt til at få det flertal af mennesker, som sidder oppe på gærdet og er tilskuere til konflikten, til at hoppe ned på vores side og ikke på Talebans side,” siger Socialdemokraternes udenrigsordfører Mogens Lykketoft til Berlingske Tidende, og fortsætter:

“Der er så mange uløselige dilemmaer i konflikten. Men det overordnede mål må være at inddrage så mange som muligt, for der er overhovedet ingen udsigt til at vinde en reel militær sejr, hvis man ikke får skabt lokal opbakning.”

Venstres forsvarsordfører Karsten Nonbo er helt enig.

“Jeg har altid set sådan på det, at det er fornuftigt at snakke med sine modstandere. Som tidligere politimand ved jeg jo, at hvis man ikke vil tale med forbrydere, så opklarer man heller aldrig nogen forbrydelser,” siger han til Berlingske Tidende.


Nyt fra Fredens og Tolerancens Religion, Per Stig Møller!

Iranske kristne i kirke

Iranske kristne i kirke

Tre iranske konvertitter beordres til at ophøre med deres ‘kristne aktiviteter’
Af Compass Direct, via Åbne Døre

De iranske kristne har en hverdag, hvor det i stigende grad bliver gjort vanskeligt at praktisere deres kristne tro. De iranske myndigheder barsler med en lov, ifølge hvilken alle muslimer, der bliver kristne, vil blive tildelt dødsstraf. Men allerede nu mærker de iranske kristne, at de bliver presset af myndighederne. Nu er fx tre kristne blevet fængslet, alene fordi de praktiserer deres kristne tro.

LOS ANGELES, 31. marts (Compass Direct News) – En domstol i Shiraz erklærede den 10. marts tre iranske kristne skyldige i at samarbejde med “anti-statslige bevægelser”. Domstolen beordrede konvertitterne til at ophøre med deres kristne aktiviteter, herunder at udbrede deres tro.

Du skal ikke komme her og være kristen, så skal vi nok lære dig alt om Islam!

Du skal ikke komme her og være kristen, så skal vi nok lære dig alt om Islam!

En dommer fra den Islamiske Revolutions-domstol dømte Seyed Allaedin Hussein, Homayoon Shokouhi og Seyed Amir Hussein Bob-Annari til otte måneders betinget fængsel med en femårig prøvetid. Dommeren sagde, at hvis de overtrådte betingelserne for deres prøvetid – herunder et forbud mod at kontakte hinanden – ville han håndhæve fængselsstraffen og sigte dem for at være “frafaldne”, som personer, der forlader islam.

En ny straffelov, som er under behandling i det iranske parlament, omfatter et lovforslag, som kræver dødsstraf for at forlade islam. “Den advarsel, at de vil blive ‘arresteret og dømt som frafaldne’, hvis de fortsætter deres kristne aktiviteter, er ganske skræmmende,” sagde en regional analytiker, som har anmodet om at forblive anonym.

Diktaturstater får på puklen i UNHRC

Kvalme, politikerlede og blogging

Jeg holder en kortere eller længere pause fra bloggen. Tiden vil jeg vie til at se min samling af “Yes, Minister!” og “Yes, Prime Minister!” igennem.  Jeg vil dog hver dag logge på og moderere kommentarer. Jeg kan ikke finde ud af at lave en undtagelse i WordPress for moderering af denne post, men alle er velkomne til at skrive.

Time to Recognize the Armenian Genocide


Man forstår tyrkens uvilje mod Fogh som generalsekretær i NATO. Han kunne jo hænde at komme til at kritisere folkedrabet på armenerne. Obama siger sandsynligvis ingenting.

Amerikanerne forventer dog, at Obama tager diskussionen med Gül og Erdogan.

Wall Street Journal:

The president should be as frank with the Turks as he was during the campaign.


When President Barack Obama visits Turkey tomorrow, millions of Americans hope that he will fulfill a campaign promise by preparing the Turkish government for official American recognition of the Armenian genocide of 1915-23.
No American president since World War II has come into office with a stronger understanding of the facts about this terrible chapter in history. And no president has a greater track record of speaking plainly about it: As a presidential candidate, Mr. Obama argued forcefully throughout the campaign that “America deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the Armenian genocide and responds forcefully to all genocides.”

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COIN om U-landshjælp

Lidt mere debunking (fra 2006!) omkring den såkaldte U-landshjælp, som mere er en hæmsko – man kunne endda sige, at det mere har karakter af adfærdsregulering – end en inspiration for modtagerne, som reduceres til stakler uden selvværd, som alligevel langt fra i alle tilfælde modtager den ydede “hjælp”. Jeg giver ordet til Christian Bjørnskov, lektor, Ph.D. på COIN:

Vi kan uden at skabe problemer for de fattige afskaffe ulandsbistanden over en årrække.

I dette års finanslovsforhandlinger er de centrale parter – regeringen og Socialdemokraterne – enige om, at det er tid til at udvide ulandshjælpen igen, selvom ’ambitionsniveauet’ er forskelligt hos de to parter. VK-regeringen vil bruge 615 millioner kroner ekstra næste år, mens S ønsker at bruge 1,5 milliarder mere på en ulandshjælp, der derved når op omkring 14 milliarder. I det hele taget er opbakningen til støtten i den danske befolkning så stor, at disse forslag kun har meget få modstandere. Mens situationen på et vist plan sender et smukt signal om danskernes fornemmelse for solidaritet med den tredje verden, er den på et andet plan aldeles absurd for en nationaløkonom med interesse i udviklingsforskning.

Problemet er nemlig, at mens politikere og befolkning tydeligvis tror, at ulandshjælpen er et vigtigt bidrag til fattige landes sociale og økonomiske udvikling, viser 40 års international forskning i emnet noget helt andet. Litteraturen har naturligvis primært fokuseret på, om større mængder hjælp fører til hurtigere økonomisk udvikling, men har i de senere år også ledt efter andre problemområder, som hjælpen muligvis kunne afhjælpe. Mens enkelte forskerhold på særlig vis formår at finde en positiv effekt af ulandshjælp på den økonomiske vækstrate og andre på lignende vis dokumenterer, at hjælpen holder lande tilbage i deres udvikling, er den typiske erfaring helt enkel: Ulandshjælp har ingen som helst forbindelse med hvor hurtigt modtagerlande udvikler sig.

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Vore soldater gør livet tryggere for fredelige afghanere

Vore soldater gør livet tryggere for fredelige afghanere (foto: R. Maqbool)

En stor undersøgelse viser, at Afghanistans befolkning ønsker udenlandske soldater i landet.

Kom igen Carsten Kofoed!