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EU’s flyttecirkus mellem Bruxelles og Strasbourg:

The New Swastika

– Nu er det i traktaten (Lissabon, red.), men du får mig da ikke til at sige et eneste fornuftigt ord om det, sagde Connie Hedegaard fredag til ekstrabladet.dk.

Hvis nogen skulle se det som sin fornemste opgave at få stoppet EU’s flyttecirkus mellem Bruxelles og Strasbourg, måtte det da ellers være en nyudnævnt klimakommissær.

Vanviddet koster årligt EU-borgerne godt to mia. kroner og sender millioner ton CO2 ud i atmosfæren til ingen verdens nytte. Men selv om, der ikke kommer andet end spild ud af at flytte parlamentarikerne mellem de to byer, skal vi ikke regne med, at cirkusset stopper.

– Jeg synes, det er lige så tosset, som dig og alle dine læsere synes. Men det slag er altså tabt.

Cirkus for Frankrigs skyld
Man skal jo prioritere de slag, man kan vinde, lyder Connie Hedegaards forklaring.

Så du vil ikke prøve at gøre noget ved det?

Jamen, det kan jeg ikke. Franskmændene fik det skrevet ind i traktaten. Og det kan du og jeg godt blive enige om; at det er godt nok noget mærkeligt noget at få skrevet ind i traktaten. Men det er jo sådan det er, sagde Connie Hedegaard i går, da hun blev fejret i Europahuset i København fredag eftermiddag.

EU - snart i "godt selskab"

Af Anders Ekberg, Head of Office – The Swedish liberals in the EP:

The EP is the only democratically-elected parliament in the world that is not allowed to take a vote on where they actually want to have their plenary sessions. For democrats such as the European Federalists, this should be a fight worth taking up in order to have efficient and accountable lawmaking on a European level. Most people recognise the efficiency loss (and the waste of money) of not having the important institutions in the same place. While identifying the symbolic value of Strasbourg as a location for some of the EP’s sessions, most agree that the EU should pick one city as the location of its parliament. A cross-European poll at the beginning of May showed 68% of respondents believe the European Parliament should have just one seat – and 76% of those believe that the seat should be in Brussels.

Hollandsk religion



Ikke et ord om Islam. Holland – Nederland har altid været et meget puritansk samfund, specielt efter reformationen, hvor Calvinisterne havde stor indflydelse.

One in five believe in creationism

Friday 27 February 2009

One in five Dutch people believe God created the world in six days, according to research quoted in Friday’s Trouw.

Protestants are much more likely than Catholics to believe in the Biblical creation story, the figures from research bureau Synovate show.

Synovate questioned 908 people about their beliefs. Their answers showed that young people are just as likely as their elders to believe in creationism. Some 25% of low skilled people believe the world was made in six days, as do 19% of those with university education.

A similar survey from the Maurice de Hond polling organisation also showed around 20% believe in creationism.

Liberal reputation

Trouw says the high percentage of believers explains the row earlier this year when a popular tv presenter for the staunchly Protestant EO channel apologised to viewers for misleading them by saying that the world was created in six days.

Despite its liberal reputation, the Netherlands has a strong Protestant core, mainly living in a belt sweeping across the centre of the country. There are two orthodox Christian parties in parliament which accept the creation as fact. Between them, they have eight MPs. One, ChristenUnie, is part of the current coalition government with the Christian Democrats and Labour.

Last week, a group of orthodox Christians began distributing a leaflet describing evolution as an ‘unproven theory’ to every household in the country.

Så er det weekend – så behøver det jo ikke altid være så højtideligt

Dette er IKKE en HAMAS-børnefilm. Den er endda fra Belgien.

Jøder forfølges nu over hele Europa

– og det er ikke kinesiske taoister, der står bag. Uddrag fra artikel på Jihad Watch:

PARIS – Government officials and Jewish leaders are concerned the conflict in Gaza may spill over into violence in Europe, with attacks reported against Jews and synagogues in France, Sweden and Britain.Assailants rammed a burning car into the gates of a synagogue in Toulouse, in southwest France, Monday night.

A Jewish congregation in Helsingborg, in southern Sweden, was attacked Monday night by someone who “broke a window and threw in something that was burning,” said police spokesman Leif Nilsson. And on Sunday slogans, including “murderers … You broke the cease-fire,” were daubed on Israel’s Embassy in Stockholm.

In Denmark, a 27-year-old Dane born in Lebanon to Palestinian parents is alleged to have injured two young Israelis last week in a shooting police suspect could be linked to the Gaza crisis. Belgium ordered police in Antwerp and Brussels to be on increased state of alert Tuesday after recent pro-Palestinian protests ended in violence and arrests.

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Breaking News: Belgierne har fået en regering!


Flemish Community

French Community


Flemish Region

Walloon Region


Efter ni måneders politiske tovtrækkeri fik Belgien langt om længe en ny regering.

Den flamske politiker Yves Leterme blev udnævnt til ny premierminister og med ham en række nye ministre.

Yves Leterme, kristelig demokrat og fra det hollandsk-talende Flandern, vandt parlamentsvalget for godt ni måneder siden, men dyb splittelse mellem det fransktalende Vallonien og Flandern (ikke at forveksle med ham her, hehe) har indtil nu spoleret ethvert forsøg på at danne regering.

Den ny regering er en koalition af fem partier, og iagttagere forudser store politiske spændinger mellem regeringspartierne i forlængelse af det rige Flanderns krav om mere magt til regionerne i landet. Et krav politikere i det mere fattige Vallonien er imod.

Leterme har lovet en omfattende reform af den belgiske forfatning og opbygning af statslige institutioner inden juli. Nogle iagttager tror, at regeringen senest da bryder sammen. Andre tror, det sker inden.

Bowing to the Islamists

Last Thursday, a group of 80 people from 15 European countries, plus Israel, Canada and the United States, convened in a conference room on the seventh floor of the European Parliament building in Brussels for a “counterjihad” meeting.They listened to speakers such as the Egyptian-born scholar Bat Ye’or, author of the book “Eurabia,” who explained how the European Union (EU) has become a vehicle for the Islamization of Europe and how the EU has promoted “a massive Muslim immigration […] hoping that the Euro-Arab symbiosis through economic development, soft diplomacy and multiculturalism would guarantee [Europe] peace, markets and oil.”

The citizens of Europe are extremely worried by this Islamization process, but their political leaders impose it on them against their wish. Europe is in worse shape than America because European democracies lack two pillars of freedom that America still has – solidly enshrined in the first and second amendments of its Constitution. In many European countries, freedom of speech no longer exists. It has been restricted by laws intended to curb so-called “hate speech.” These laws forbid people to express their worries about massive immigration and about the Islamization of their nations.

Europe, with few exceptions, such as Switzerland, is also unfamiliar with the second pillar of free societies: the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms. In countries such as Belgium even pepper spray is an illegal weapon. The result is that the law-abiding citizens are at the mercy of criminals, many of them of foreign extraction.

While the delegates at the counterjihad meeting, who had been invited to the European Parliament by one of Europe’s so-called far-right parties, discussed strategies to counter the spread of Islamism, EU bureaucrats convened in a meeting room two floors below. On the fifth floor of the parliament building, they discussed the “harmonization” of self-defense legislation in the 27 EU member states. This means that, if the EU gets its way, the citizens of all member states will soon be submitted to Belgium’s strict rules and that pepper sprays will be banned everywhere.

Meanwhile, as became clear from the country reports given at the counterjihad meeting, Europe’s no-go zones are multiplying. These are areas where the police no longer dare to venture and where Islamists hold sway. Every night since the beginning of last week, immigrant youths have been torching cars and clashing with police in Amsterdam’s Slotervaart district. The incidents started Oct. 14 when a policewoman shot dead a 22-year old ethnic Moroccan while he was stabbing her and a colleague with a knife. Senior police officers compare the current situation in Amsterdam to the 2005 Ramadan riots in Paris. Media outside the Netherlands, however, hardly mention the riots, which aim to drive the police from Slotervaart and turn the neighborhood into a new no-go area – yet another pocket of Eurabia on Europe’s soil.

Similar events are currently taking place in Brussels, the capital of neighboring Belgium and of the EU. Last Sunday, demonstrating Turkish youths ransacked an Armenian pub in the Sint-Joost-ten-Node borough. According to the pub owner, police were present at the scene but did not interfere while his pub was being demolished. The Armenian owner, who by Belgian law is not allowed to possess pepper spray, had to flee for his life. The situation in Brussels remains tense.



Fortunately, there is some good news as well. Last Sunday, the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) won 29 percent of the votes and 62 of the 200 seats in Switzerland’s federal parliament, the National Council. This is the largest number of seats that any Swiss party has ever won since 1919.

During its campaign the SVP used a controversial poster, showing three white sheep standing on the Swiss flag. One of the white sheep kicked a black sheep off the flag. The caption read: “Bringing safety.” The SVP poster wanted to emphasize that foreigners commit four times as many crimes as the Swiss do and that this situation will no longer be tolerated. Everyone knows which segment of the foreign population the term “black sheep” refers to.

Even law-abiding foreigners living in Switzerland realize what the SVP’s true message is: Get rid of those aliens who perpetrate crimes. Parties in the rest of Europe would be persecuted for using similar posters because people are not allowed to contemplate the issue, but the Swiss are able to raise their voices. It is no coincidence that the freedom-loving Alpine republic consistently refuses to join the EU.

This piece was originally published in The Washington Times on October 24, 2007 .