Slut med thai-kvinder, gamle grisebasser

Islam slår virkelig et slag for moralen. Det gælder om, at ingen må have det sjovt (Thøgher’s):

Islam i Thailand

Når Thailand er rykket fra en 11. plads til en 9. plads på listen, skyldes det især to terrorangreb i landets sydlige del, hvor muslimske oprørere bekæmper centralregeringen i et forsøg på at løsrive sig.

Khaddafi’s søn laver skandale i Thailand

Bangkok Post skriver i dag:

Saif GhadaffiLast month, the son of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi visited Thailand, and embarrassed government hosts by his implied support for southern militants. Now, Iraq leaders have accused Saif al-Islam Gadhafi of leading a foreign terrorist gang responsible for a terrorist bombing in northern Iraq last week which killed and wounded more than 250 people.

An Iraqi security chief for Sunni tribesmen who rose up against al-Qaeda said on Saturday that al-Islam is behind a group of foreign and Iraqi fighters responsible for the devastating explosion which destroyed about 50 buildings in a Mosul slum last Wednesday, leaving 38 dead and 225 wounded.

Col Jubair Rashid Naief, who also is a police official in Anbar province, said the bombing was carried out by the Saifaddin Regiment, made up of about 150 foreign and Iraqi fighters who slipped into the country several months ago from Syria.

Naief said the regiment, which is working with the terrorist group al-Qaeda in Iraq, was supported by Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, 36, the eldest son of the Libyan leader.

“I am sure of what I am talking about, and it is documented,” Naief said, adding that he was “100 per cent sure” of the younger Gadhafi’s role with the terror group.

The young Gadhafi visited Thailand last month, invited by government officials who seemed unaware of his extremist views.

He “expressed concerns” about the government’s treatment of Muslims in general, and especially in the deep South.Jihad in Thailand

Reports said that the Libyan asked Deputy Prime Minister Sonthi Boonyaratkalin – a leading Thai Muslim – if Thai-Muslims, who make up 80 per cent of the population in the deep South, comprising Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala provinces, had been properly treated, according to an official who attended the meeting.

Gadhafi’s son told Gen Sonthi he was seeking clarification from senior officials because he had been told that Thailand, a predominantly Buddhist country, discriminated against Muslims, and disturbances stemmed from this.

The son of the Libyan dictator said he would report the details of his trip to members of the Organisation of Islamic Conference, the world’s largest Muslim grouping.

Saif al-Islam, however, seems an unlikely figure as a sponsor of terrorism. Touted as a reformer, the younger Gadhafi has been reaching out to the West to soften Libya’s image and return it to the international mainstream.

Known in Libya as “The Engineer,” he won praise last year for helping release five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor who were jailed in Libya for allegedly infecting Libyan children with HIV.

Educated at a British university and fluent in English, German and French, he also has gained exposure as head of the Gadhafi International Association for Charitable Organisations, a so-called non-governmental network concerned with issues like human rights and education.

However, he also was quoted by the Austrian Press Agency last year as warning Europeans against more attacks by radical Islamists.

The only solution to contain radicalism is the rapid departure of Western troops from Iraq as well as Afghanistan, and a solution to the Palestinian question,” Gadhafi was quoted as saying.

Thailand bliver det næste land som bliver dhimmiseret og tvangsomvendt. Jeg har ikke sagt det, men…