Holland og demokratiet

Mark Steyn skriver om den forestående retsforfølgelse af Geert Wilders i Holland:

…in the Netherlands and other European countries, the political elite understands that there are frictions between an ever more assertive Muslim population and an ever more resentful “native” working class, but that, with the usual careless confidence of Big Government, it had concluded that the answer to this problem was to police and constrain public discourse within ever narrower bounds. (…)And, although Mr. Wilders is invariably described as “far right,” how “far” he is depends on where you’re standing: A poll last month found his party tied for first place in Dutch affections.

In other words, this court is explicitly attempting to criminalize the political opinions of a large swath of the Dutch electorate.

Dutch politics

Holland minder efterhånden om Sverige, hvor der heller ikke er noget problem med främlinger – musser kan kun være enten ofre eller rollemodeller.

Det kan være, at man skulle gøre som Hr. Leth – flytte til den anden ende af kloden – men muhamedanerne er jo overalt.

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