H.M. Dronningens gæster

UN’s regler gør det muligt for massemordere og diktatorer ikke alene at komme ind i landet uden at blive fængslet – man hi-jacker endogså H.M. Dronning Margrethe til at sidde repræsentativt til bords med dette kryb.

Fra Jihad Watch (Robert Spencer, mine emfaseringer):

The joke's on you, Infidels

The joke's on you, Infidels

That true image of Islam is apparently one of supremacism and conquest, since Ahmadinejad himself has said: “Have no doubt… Allah willing, Islam will conquer what? It will conquer all the mountain tops of the world.”

“Iran – President asks Muslims to introduce true image of Islam to world people,” from ISRIA, December 19:

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the spirit of seeking God and justice has been revived in today world, stressing that Muslims worldwide are duty bound to correctly introduce Islam to the world nations.In a meeting with members of Islamic groups residing in Denmark on Friday, the Iranian top diplomat said Islam was the hard core of all sciences and human values, stressing that the holy religion of Islam was capable of offering all the truth and facts needed to attain a sublime life.

To a question by one of the participants in the meeting about the US military attack against Iran, the president said: “This is in fact our question from Americans: Why you are so eager to attack Iran or the region and why do you impose the Zionist regime on the region which is at the very heart of the Islamic world?…”

Projection Alert:

He said this was because the Americans were after sowing discord among Muslims, noting that all the stories they revealed merely aimed at labeling certain groups of people as victims of the oppressive acts in an attempt to pave the way for occupation of Palestine, all of which being certainly a colonial and hegemonic objective.Ahmadinejad said all those programs were worked out to ultimately gain dominance over the Middle East.

He also noted that after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran under the leadership of the Late Imam Khomeini there came an overwhelming spirit of Islamic revival in the Islamic world which invoked people to fight oppressors.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that wrath of the hegemonic powers was due to Islam’s revival….

Still waiting for those who Understand Islam Correctly, such as Honest Ibe Hooper, Brave Ahmed Rehab, etc. etc. etc., to explain how exactly this avowedly devout Muslim Ahmadinejad is Misunderstanding Islam.