Om Taquiya

Er der nogen som kender til muhamedanernes metoder, er det de indiske sikh’er og hinduer. Her et hinduistisk synspunkt på begrebet taquiyaFra Great Hindu:

When the media, especially the Islamic apologists, say that Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood, the first thing that crosses my mind is Taqiyya. Ahem, err… what’s this taqiyya. In short, it is the Islamic licence to lie.

A specific justification for taqiyya by the Shi’as is the instance when ‘Ammar ibn al-Yasir (one of the companions loyal to ‘Ali and considered to be one of the first Shi’a) was detained and tortured by infidels (pagan/Hindus). He renounced his faith in order to escape and immediately went to Muhammad and repented. ‘Umar suggested that he be put to death for apostasy, however, Muhammad said that it was better for him to renounce his faith with his lips (while still believing in his heart) than to be burned to death by the infidels.

However, Taqia has several dimensions today. Muslims in US started drinking liquor to infiltrate the US armed forces. Their contention was that their alcoholism was their proof of renouncing Islam. However, once inside, they started their fidayeen operation resulting in the infamous 9/11.

Taqia is also used in hoodwinking Hindu girls into conversion. For instance, these jehadis/fidayeens even eat pork and say that they are only Muslims by birth. They also drink alcohol to fool these modern naive Hindu girls into believing that their boyfriends are atheists. However, once these girls fall into the taqiya jehadi trap, they start showing their true colours.

Taqia is also used to fool the naive media and other religionists. They say that Islam believes in co-existence. For this, they quote an ayath from the Koran which means: `To me, my religion. To you, yours’.

What they do not say is that these ayat was used by Mohammed to fool the pagans of Medina who had the upper hand… Remember, the so-called Prophet Mohammed was driven out of Medina. His life was saved because he resorted to Taqiya. However, Mohammed regrouped and butchered the pagans of Medina.

Taqia is very dangerous. Never believe the white lies of Muslims. It is nothing but Taqia. Islam is a medieval religion whose commands are obvious: Allah is the only God. Mohammed is the final prophet. Those who believe this are Mommins. Those who disbelieve are Kafirs. Kafirs should be killed or converted. If you can’t do both, trouble them to the max.

So there you are, Islam is a religion of rape and violence. To say to the contrary is nothing but taqiya. Don’t be fooled. If you are fooled, you will be like the pagans of Medina. You will be history.

Make Islam history. Relegate it to the textbooks. That is the strong message to Hindu society. And if you won’t, Hinduism will be extinct and we will all have Koran and Hadits as textbooks. Don’t let that happen.

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