Hollandske unge skammer sig over homo-parade

Fra DutchNews:

Young people say gay parade is embarrassing

Friday 31 July 2009

Hundreds of thousands of spectators are expected to watch Saturday’s Gay Pride parade through Amsterdam’s canals. Last year some half a million crowded into the city centre to observe the spectacle which attracts supporters from around the world.

But not everone is happy with the event. Two-thirds of young people feel the extravaganza gives a false image of homosexuality and does not promote gay emancipation, according to a survey by the current affairs tv programme Een Vandaag earlier this week, reports Trouw.

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Det kan man vist kalde en spand iskoldt vand i hovedet på Brorson-lobbyen.

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Ingen fakirer, tak!

Ingen fakirer, tak! (Foto AL)