Durban II’s slutdokument blev formelt godkendt i dag

Fra UN Watch:

The final outcome document (PDF) of the Durban Review Conference was formally adopted at the U.N. today.

In general debate at the close of the conference, countries took the floor to congratulate one another for reaching Tuesday’s “consensus” on the text. A few states, though, had clarifications regarding their acceptance of it.

The United Kingdom said it could affirm the document only because it is “generic and does not single out any country.” Referring to paragraphs relating to freedom of speech and incitement to hatred, it said, “we have a long tradition of free speech and offensive opinions may be expressed,” as long as they are non-violent. The UK also stated that discrimination based on sexual orientation is no less important than discrimination on racial grounds.

Pakistan called on U.N. officials to “maintain balance” and “not judge any heads of state.” It also decried Islamophobia as a new form of racism. In closing, it chastised those who boycotted the conference or only participated at a low level.

South Africa expressed its concern about “the manner in which some expressed their opposition to a head of state.” Referring implicitly to the students in clown wigs who yelled at Iranian President Ahmadinejad, it decried the endangering of the “security of high dignitaries.”

Russia specifically thanked the Palestinian delegation, implicitly for its “flexibility” in permitting the text to exclude the singling out of the Palestinian cause, as did the 2001 Durban text.

Switzerland commended the text for mentioning freedom of expression, democracy, the Holocaust, the slave trade, women’s rights, and various forms of discrimination. (It neglected to mention that freedom of expression, the Holocaust and women’s rights were downplayed throughout the negotiation process and in the final text, as well as the document’s failure to mention discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.)

Nyt fra Fredens og Tolerancens Religion, Per Stig Møller!

Iranske kristne i kirke

Iranske kristne i kirke

Tre iranske konvertitter beordres til at ophøre med deres ‘kristne aktiviteter’
Af Compass Direct, via Åbne Døre

De iranske kristne har en hverdag, hvor det i stigende grad bliver gjort vanskeligt at praktisere deres kristne tro. De iranske myndigheder barsler med en lov, ifølge hvilken alle muslimer, der bliver kristne, vil blive tildelt dødsstraf. Men allerede nu mærker de iranske kristne, at de bliver presset af myndighederne. Nu er fx tre kristne blevet fængslet, alene fordi de praktiserer deres kristne tro.

LOS ANGELES, 31. marts (Compass Direct News) – En domstol i Shiraz erklærede den 10. marts tre iranske kristne skyldige i at samarbejde med “anti-statslige bevægelser”. Domstolen beordrede konvertitterne til at ophøre med deres kristne aktiviteter, herunder at udbrede deres tro.

Du skal ikke komme her og være kristen, så skal vi nok lære dig alt om Islam!

Du skal ikke komme her og være kristen, så skal vi nok lære dig alt om Islam!

En dommer fra den Islamiske Revolutions-domstol dømte Seyed Allaedin Hussein, Homayoon Shokouhi og Seyed Amir Hussein Bob-Annari til otte måneders betinget fængsel med en femårig prøvetid. Dommeren sagde, at hvis de overtrådte betingelserne for deres prøvetid – herunder et forbud mod at kontakte hinanden – ville han håndhæve fængselsstraffen og sigte dem for at være “frafaldne”, som personer, der forlader islam.

En ny straffelov, som er under behandling i det iranske parlament, omfatter et lovforslag, som kræver dødsstraf for at forlade islam. “Den advarsel, at de vil blive ‘arresteret og dømt som frafaldne’, hvis de fortsætter deres kristne aktiviteter, er ganske skræmmende,” sagde en regional analytiker, som har anmodet om at forblive anonym.

CNN-reporter på glatis

Hat tip: Balder

Hvis filen skulle blive slettet fra YouTube, har jeg den på harddisken.

UPDATE: Woman in Video confronting the CNN Reporter has posted a response on why she did it:
“I am the woman scolding the reporter in the video for her ridiculous confrontation with the protesters, and her biased reporting. Something that all of us conservatives must remember is that the left-wing media will do whatever it takes to marginalize us, degrade us, and disenfranchise us. Although I didn’t know that a blogger was videotaping the whole thing, I am glad that he did. I’m also glad that this video has gained so much exposure on Fox and the internet. All of us conservatives must continue to educate ourselves on the media lies and distortions, and we MUST stay informed on what the government is doing to us. When our liberal friends and relatives accuse us once again that we didn’t complain when Bush was overspending and piling up debt, we must answer them. I routinely remind liberals that the Obama administration isn’t just doing what Bush did, he’s quadrupling what Bush did! I didn’t agree with the debt we were piling up during the Bush years, but we were recovering from 9/11 and we were fighting two wars. Obama’s spending is for entitlements, socialization of our country and economy, and he’s falsely using the financial crisis to fundamentally change our country.

The mainstream media is helping Obama with this mission. Their corruption is astounding. That CNN reporter zeroed in on one guy who was holding up an offensive sign depicting Obama as Hitler, and she chose to interview him first. I personally believe that man was an ACORN plant, and it wouldn’t surprise me if CNN knew that. My beef with her after she got done interviewing him and the gentleman with the baby, was that she was distorting what the majority of us were doing. She had an agenda that had to be confronted. She also showed extreme disrespect for the man with the baby, who was an honest man trying to explain his point of view. And to top it off, she accused me, and others, of being sent to the rally by some organized group and FOX News….as if she couldn’t believe that we were just Americans expressing our freedom of speech and disgust with government overspending. On top of this, Anderson Cooper, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow spent a week prior to the protests denigrating us by comparing us to a sexual act that they probably invented! So much for Obama’s promise of hope, change, and bringing the country together. There’s more division, hatred, and vitriol now than there ever was during the Bush years. And that division was a hard act to follow. This is what Obama has wrought with the help of the media.

Lastly, that CNN reporter represented something really vulgar and disgusting about the mainstream media in today’s world. They are supposed to be the voice of the people…the watchdogs….the check on the government’s over-reaching. They are not supposed to be the shill for the government they want. And that is what they have become. Cheap, vulgar shills. ”