Det vidste i garanteret ikke!

Se her, hvordan Hamas vandt over Israel i Gaza-striben (Hat tip: Hamas):

Palestinian Media Watch:

On the first day of its ceasefire with Israel, Hamas has added a new element to its propaganda campaign claiming that it won the war in Gaza. An animated film for children on Hamas TV depicts Israeli soldiers as cowards who are afraid to enter Gaza. They cry, “Mommy, Mommy,” as they head into battle, where they are all killed by Hamas gunfire.

The video ends with an Israeli soldier’s blood splattered on the screen, accompanied by a caption that reads, “Whoever dares, let him come! Gaza is his certain death.”

Observers have reported that hundreds of Hamas fighters were killed in the conflict, while Israel lost 10 soldiers in combat and three civilians in rocket attacks. However, in the attempt to present this war as a victory, Hamas TV reported today that Hamas lost only 48 fighters and killed 80 Israelis, including 49 soldiers.

This film aims to reinforce the victory myth that Hamas is trying to sell to its people.

En musikalsk perle – på “den fede måde”

Vi forstod at chille i 1970! 😀

UNHRC: Fulde af løgn

UNWatch skriver i en mail:

New Report: U.N. Accusations of “Israeli Attack on School” Were False

At last month’s emergency session of the U.N. Human Rights Council, ambassadors from the world’s dictatorships — and even some democracies — lined up to attack Israel for “targeting a U.N. school.” Canada alone voted in opposition to the grossly one-sided text. (To join the thousands who thanked Canadian Prime Minister Harper for defending basic principles, click here.)

Now a new report by Patrick Martin of Canada’s Globe and Mail reveals that, contrary to what was reported worldwide, (1) No Israeli shells landed in the UNRWA school compound; (2) No one taking refuge in the U.N. schoolyard was killed; and (3) None of these facts prevented a U.N. agency from falsely reporting that “Israeli shelling directly hit two UNRWA schools …”

Klik her for at læse Patrick Martins artikel

Will the Human Rights Council now apologize for having falsely condemned Israel for the “targeting of facilities of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East in Gaza, including schools”?

As usual when it comes to Israel, the Council was little concerned with actual facts. Egyptian representative Hisham Badr, speaking on behalf of the Arab Group, said that “Israel did not distinguish between combatants and civilians, targeting United Nations schools.” According to Yemen, “The attacks against schools. . . were grave crimes against humanity.” Sudan spoke of the “the mad attacks by Israel in Gaza, including against United Nations schools.” Syria said “UN schools have turned into mass graves.“ Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Djibouti joined the fray — as did even several Western countries. Argentina demanded an “independent international investigation” on “the attacks on UNRWA schools.” Slovenia condemned “Israeli attacks on schools.” Switzerland said that “at least 46 civilians seeking shelter in UNRWA school were killed.”

Will any of these countries issue an apology, or seek to correct the resolution’s false assertions and faulty premises? Don’t bet on it.

Israelsk by bombet

Og hvordan mon Karen Thisted og Margrethe “Pap-raket” Auken (etc. etc.) forholder sig til det? Man kan jo gætte…

Fra Berlingske:

En raket affyret af militante palæstinensere i Gaza eksploderede tidligt i dag i den sydlige israelske by Ashkelon, meddelte Israels hær. Eksplosionen forårsagede materiel skade, men ingen blev såret ved angrebet, sagde en talsmand.

Raketten var den første, der ramte Ashkelon, siden en våbenhvile mellem Israel og den militante Hamas-bevægelse blev indgået 18. januar […].


The rocket strike came after a Hamas delegation met with senior Egyptian officials in Cairo on Monday in an effort to reach agreement on a truce with Israel.

On Monday evening, a Qassam rocket struck an open area in Sha’ar Hanegev, causing neither casualties nor damage. Three mortar shells also hit the Eshkol region earlier Monday, also causing no injuries or damage.

In response to the mortar attack, the Israel Air Force bombed a car in the southern Gaza Strip. Palestinian medical workers reported that one person had been killed in the bombing, and three others were wounded.

The Israel Defense Forces said it targeted gunmen who had fired the mortars.