Ayn Rand

5 afsnit med en pragtfuld dame, filosoffen Ayn Rand, som levede 1905-1982. Hun er mest kendt for sine bøger The Fountainhead og Atlas Shrugged:

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Khalid Sheik Mohammad

I det følgende kaldet KSM, hjernen bag 11. september-angrebene i USA.

Smagsprøve fra artikel af Andrew McCarthy på Defenddemocracy.org:

In the mid-Nineties, he was just an up-and-comer: anteing up a paltry $660 for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, then co-designing the off-off-Broadway run of Bojinka: an ambitious 1994 production designed to slaughter hundreds of Americans by exploding their cross-Pacific flights in midair – a production that collapsed when a preview detonation failed to bring down the plane, though it did manage to kill a Japanese tourist.

KSM was green with envy when those pilots became star turns for other terrorists: his mad-scientist nephew, Ramzi Yousef, and Omar Abdel Rahman, the capo di tutti jihadi known in America’s living rooms as “the Blind Sheikh.”

Back in those days, KSM couldn’t get himself arrested. Or at least the FBI couldn’t get him arrested. That was thanks to Qatar, another of our ambivalent Arab “allies” in the war on terror. The emirate is an authoritarian sharia-state and jihadist financial hub – though you may know it better as the home of al-Jezeera, the Muslim world’s virulently anti-American media giant to which KSM once served as al-Qaeda’s official liaison.

A U.S.-educated engineer, KSM had a government job in Qatar’s ministry of electricity and water when he was tipped off in 1996 that the Americans were closing in. In the nick of time, he fled to Afghanistan. That’s where Osama bin Laden, having recently worn out his welcome in Sudan, was just setting up shop.

The rest, as they say, is history. Years later, while confirming his status as an enemy combatant, KSM recounted how he’d become al-Qaeda’s “military operational commander” for all foreign operations, running the 9/11 attacks “from A to Z.”

And that was just the warm-up. Mohammed took charge of the cell that managed production of biological weapons and radiological “dirty bombs.” He planned an unconsummated “second-wave” of suicide-hijacking attacks on the Israeli city of Elat, iconic sites in Great Britain, and the U.S. – where the Empire State Building and other skyscrapers in Chicago, San Francisco and the state of Washington were targeted. KSM directed the bombing of a hotel frequented by Israelis in Mombassa, Kenya – and, for good measure, shot a surface-to-air missile near Mombassa’s airport, barely missing a departing El-Al flight. He plotted bomb strikes against America’s domestic financial centers; American naval ships and oil tankers in Singapore and the Straits of Hormuz and Gibraltar; and American embassies in Japan, Australia, and Indonesia. The list (which you can find at pages 17-18 of the combatant hearing transcript, here) goes on and on.

KSM is going to be put to death. He knows it and we know it. The same is true of his four underlings. The question is not if but when.

These legal proceedings, then, are simply theater. For the Left, that means projecting shopworn themes under the guise of thoughtfully pondering the purpose of the jihadists’ procedural maneuvering. Is KSM scheming to challenge our new president’s redoubling of Islamic outreach? Is he daring Obama to kick off the promised era of good feeling by executing Muslims, even as the new administration backpedals from campaign commitments to shut down Gitmo and withdraw from Iraq forthwith? Or is he, as the ACLU speculated for the New York Times, trying to draw attention to the asserted folly of abandoning the 1990’s model of civilian terrorist trials in favor of “a failed commission process”?

Yes, it’s the silly season.

Mumbai: Islamisk terrors nye modus operandi

Fra Middle East Times, hat tip TH

Mumbai, India’s financial capital is now only barely waking up from its worst nightmare. Last week in simultaneous attacks, Islamist terrorists killed at least 195 people and injured another 300 during a 60-hour killing spree. The tactics used by the terrorists were different from the classical jihadist playbook. Does it mean that Mumbai-style attacks are the new jihadist modus operandi?

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Islamisk logik: Islamist bomber civile i Tyskland på grund af mo-tegningerne

Livstid for at placere bomber i tyske tog

En 24-årig libaneser er tirsdag formiddag blevet idømt livsvarigt fængsel for at placere to bomber i tyske regionaltog – terrorforsøget var en protest mod Muhammed-tegningerne.


el-Hajdib (Foto: AP)

Youssef Mohammed el-Hajdib ses her på hovedbanegården i Köln, umiddelbart efter han har placeret to bomber i to regionaltog. (Foto: AP)

Landsretten i Düsseldorf har tirsdag formiddag idømt den 24-årige libaneser Youssef Mohammed el-Hajdib livsvarigt fængsel.

Ifølge Bild Zeitung ville Youssef Mohammed el-Hajdib protestere mod Muhammed-tegningerne.

Iført en tysk landsholdstrøje med Michael Ballacks nummer 13 på ryggen placerede Youssef Mohammed el-Hajdib den 31. juli 2006 to kuffertbomber i to regionaltog på hovedbanegården i Köln. Togene var på vej til Hamm og Koblenz. Han blev dømt for drabsforsøg og forsøg på at detonere to bomber.

Ifølge den tyske anklagemyndighed var det kun Youssef Mohammed el-Hajdibs manglende kemi-kendskab, der forhindrede bomberne i at eksplodere.

Medgerningsmanden, Jihad Hamad, er allerede idømt 12 års fængsel i Libanon.

Æh – hvad har Tyskland med muhammedtegningerne at gøre? Eller med at forsøge at dræbe civilister flere år efter? Islamisk logik eller “anti-islamiske handlinger”?

Lone Nørgaard om dommere og islamiske tørklæder

I kronikken ”Tilliden til domstolene” (JP 26/11) opfordrer fem byretspræsidenter politikerne til at besinde sig. Nærmere bestemt på ikke at fremsætte et lovforslag, som indeholder regler for, hvordan dommere må fremtræde ved retsmøder, så dommerne fremstår neutrale.

I det følgende vil [Lone Nørgaard, AL] (LN) punkt for punkt gribe fat i kronikørernes argumenter (K)

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