En halv abe til at starte ugen på

Se så at få gang i trædemøllen!

Se så at få gang i trædemøllen!

Tyrkisk religionsfrihed

Apostlen Paulus var fra Tarsus, og kirken er indviet til ham. Den fungerer nu som museum. At forbyde kristne at reparere eller opføre kirker, er sanktioneret i sina og koran.

Og dem arbejder EU på at få 2000000 af ind i Europa…

Via BBC:

The Turkish government says it is “out of the question” for it to hand over a revered medieval church where Catholics want to hold Christian services. The church, currently run as a museum, stands in the south-eastern town of Tarsus, where St Paul was born.

The Turkish constitution guarantees freedom of religion, but Christian groups in the country believe that in practice they face discrimination. Next week the Vatican will hold a Catholic-Muslim forum to improve ties.

It was the Cardinal Archbishop of Cologne in Germany who first challenged the Turkish government to hand over the church in Tarsus.

He has pointed out that Muslims of Turkish origin in Germany are free to worship and build new mosques, but that Christians in Turkey face substantial obstacles to their religious freedom.

The Turkish government’s response to the BBC leaves no room for doubt about its intention to retain control of the church.

UNHCR støtter islamisk terrorisme i Kashmir

Der eringen tvivl længere: UN’s Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) støtter op om islamisk jeehad i Kasmir. Samtidig vil man forhindre inderne i at forsvare sig selv ved at pålægge dem at fare frem med lempe og menneskerettigheder mod dem, de bliver angrebet af. Hyklere!

Lad os komme ud af UN og EU, jo før, des bedre.

Læs hele artiklen hos Bharat Jagan.

Without seriously considering the consequences of its premature statement on the unverified human rights violations in Kashmir, the United Nations by asking India to straighten up its human rights act in Kashmir, in effect has extended its support and legitimacy to the Islamic terrorism via the US based Islamist organizations engaged in supporting the separatist and terrorists activities in India’s Kashmir. The protest call by the Kashmir American Council headed by a noted US furniture dealer in association with other Jihadi Sleeper Cell groups today in front of the UNO was encouraged by the UN-HCHR (High Commissioner for Human Rights) complacency.