Islam i Indien – et kort historisk overblik

Fra Bharat Jagran:

A Broad summary of instances of atrocities and injustices inflicted upon Hindus by the Muslims:

a) Genocide of some 50- 100 million Hindus by some estimates during 700 years of cruel Islamic tyranny including Hindu Kush – the worst in the history of mankind, and demolition, vandalizing and looting of tens of thousands of temples and conversion to mosques;

b) They massacred some 20,000 people in Calcutta in August 1946 in three days to force Congress to accept partition against Mahatma Gandhi’s declaration of “Partition over my dead body”;

c) Massacre of millions Hindus and Sikhs during the partition in 1947;

d) Over three million, mostly Hindus were massacred in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, and the exodus of some 9 million Bangladeshi Hindus to India as refugees in early 1970’s, when the Indian army had to intervene to rescue the populace;

e) These self styled Islamist victims have expelled, exterminated and ethnically cleansed the entire Hindu and Sikh populations from Kashmir region since 1989;

f) The recent incessant terrorist Jihadist attacks in various parts of India have cost hundreds of lives.

g) Forcible conversion of millions of Hindus into Islam. In fact 98 % of Muslims in India are a converted lot. A particular note should be taken of the fact that there was not a single Muslim in India prior to 711 AD.

h) Imposition of Jazzia (penalty tax) on Hindus for not becoming Muslims.

i) Thirty million Bangladeshi Muslims have illegally infiltrated in to India thereby stressing India’s economy, civil society and posing a security threat.

j) The ethnic cleansing of Hindus & Sikhs in Pakistan where they are now less than one percent reduced from over 23 percent at the time of partition and in Bangladesh where they are now about 8 percent from over 30 percent at the time of partition in 1947.

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