Børn som terrorister

Hvad får børn til at sige, at de ikke er interesserede i dette liv – de vil i paradis så hurtigt som muligt?

Vi har lige set, at den irakiske pige Raini alligevel ikke var så interesseret i at forlade denne verden for fuldt knald, om jeg så må sige.

Denne artikel fra Palestinian Media Watch (klik og læs resten) går i dybden med problemstillingen. Det er denne mentalitet vi er oppe imod, så kan den lokale grønthandler eller pizzamand være nok så flink og rar.

“Ask for death” is the message that the Palestinian Authority [PA] has been conveying to its children since the start of violence in October 2000. In June 2002, two articulate 11-year-old girls were interviewed in the studio of official Palestinian Authority TV. Among other topics, they spoke of their personal yearning to achieve death through Shahada – Death for Allah – and of a similar desire they said exists in “every Palestinian child.” It is striking that their desire for death was expressed as a personal goal, not related to the conflict with Israel. Having been convinced that dying for Allah is preferable to life, their goal in living is not to experience a good life, but to achieve the proper death – Shahada.

The following is a selection from their remarks:

Host: “You described Shahada as something beautiful. Do you think it is beautiful?”
“Shahada is very, very beautiful. Everyone yearns for Shahada. What could be better than going to paradise?”
“What is better, peace and full rights for the Palestinian people, or Shahada?”
“Shahada. I will achieve my rights after becoming a Shahida.”
“Of course Shahada is a good thing. We don’t want this world, we want the Afterlife. We benefit not from this life, but from the Afterlife… The children of Palestine have accepted the concept that this is Shahada, and that death by Shahada is very good. Every Palestinian child aged, say 12, says ’Oh Lord, I would like to become a Shahid.” [PATV, June 9, 2002]

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