Sudan lever af bistand, og eksporterer fødevarer

Er det så snart nok med at betale U-landshjælp? Det er en skandale, at man endnu ikke har sat diktatorerne i Khartoum stolen for døren.

VIDEO fra New York Times

Fra Interntl. Herald Tribune – læs det hele:

Even as it receives a billion pounds of free food from international donors, Sudan is growing and selling vast quantities of its own crops to other countries, capitalizing on high global food prices at a time when millions of people in its war-stricken region of Darfur barely have enough to eat.

But here in Sudan, there seem to be plenty of calories to go around. The country is already growing wheat for Saudi Arabia, sorghum for camels in the United Arab Emirates and vine-ripened tomatoes for the Jordanian army. Now the government is plowing $5 billion into new agribusiness projects, many of them to produce food for export.

That leaves the United Nations and Western aid groups feeding more than 3 million residents of Darfur. But the lifeline is fraying.

Flygtninge i et mad-eksporterende land

Flygtninge i et mad-eksporterende land

Security is deteriorating. Aid trucks are getting hijacked nearly every day and deliveries are being made less and less frequently. The result: less food and soaring malnutrition rates, particularly among children.

Facts om Sudan

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