Michelle Malkin anklaget for mord

– af amerikanske venstre-loonies. Her kan Shansen godt gå hjem og lægge sig.

Læs mere:

Michelle Malkin notes that unhinged Leftists are blaming her “hate” for the murder of the Arkansas Democratic Party chairman, and that this isn’t the first time they have done this sort of thing.

What does this have to do with jihad? Everything. Just as Leftists consistently try to portray conservatives as purveying “hate,” so also do jihadists and their allies insist that any honest discussion of the jihad ideology and Islamic supremacism is “hateful.” The advocates of the “Fairness Doctrine,” which would restore the hegemony of the politically correct Left over the airwaves, are numerous. And so also are the Islamic advocates of restrictions on free speech in order to combat the chimera of “Islamophobia.”

Michelle Malkin didn’t kill the Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman any more than I am responsible for any actual attacks on innocent Muslims in the U.S. — that is, aside from the ones CAIR trumps up. But if Americans aren’t careful — and most are fairly heedless of this at this point — the Left and the jihadists will use these false charges to destroy the First Amendment and to make it impossible to speak honestly or fully about the jihad threat precisely at the time when it threatens us the most.

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  1. Amerikanske multikulturelister, danske multikulturelister. De er alle de samme. Hadske, verdensfjerne og voldelige.

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