“Krigere” på fem år…

Islams børnesoldater

Islams børnesoldater

Det ser ud til, at Hamas har held med deres kanin-udsendelser. Ny håber jeg sandelig ikke, at Gylaj synes, det er klamt. (The Mirror via Jihad Watch)

CLUTCHING AK-47 rifles and marching to war… these chilling images (see the video player) show child soldiers on their way to fight British troops in Afghanistan.

The pictures come from a video (kan ses ved at følge linket oven over) filmed at an al-Qaeda training camp in Pakistan, where Taliban warlords are turning boys as young as FIVE into trained killers. Recorded only weeks ago, it captures a dozen nervous-looking boys in camouflage uniforms with headbands which say: There is no God but Allah.

The boy soldiers stand in line before being handed rifles and taught to fire rocket-propelled grenades.

They spend their day being brainwashed to kill their Jihad training caught on film as part of an al-Qaeda recruitment drive.

The bewildered children, barely old enough to go to school, are forced to stand in circles stretching and exercising to try to give them strength to carry heavy ammunition.

They live in tents and say prayers before sleeping with weapons lying next to them. When their training is complete the children are filmed walking over the Pakistan-Afghanistan border right into a warzone.

The film shows one boy nodding nervously after he is asked: Are you prepared to die for Allah?

If he is killed, he will not be the first. In one section, the face of an 11-year-old soldier, named as Abdullah al-Rahim, is circled on the screen as he marches away.

Seconds later, images of his body wrapped in a white sheet appear, making him a martyr for al-Qaeda leaders determined to recruit thousands more children.

The footage was obtained by Sunday Mirror investigators after it was posted on an underground al-Qaeda website, which routinely trumpets the death of British soldiers killed by the Taliban.

The seven-minute video was issued by the Islamic Jihad Union, which has training camps in the north Waziristan province in Pakistan.

British commanders in Afghanistan say Taliban fighters increasingly use children as suicide bombers. They are also used as human shields during firefights.

Author and terror expert Neil Doyle said it was one of the most disturbing videos he had seen. He said: It is child abuse of the worst kind and shows the kind of sick tactics al-Qaeda use.

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  1. Det er meget “kulturberigende” med den islamiske fascistkult(ur). Det mener de partier ( det er venstrefløjen og de radigale),der har lukket tusindvis af velfærdsturister fra islamiske fascistlande ind i Danmark.

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