Klamt børne-TV

Hamas-kaninen – til ære for Gylaj:

“Krigere” på fem år…

Islams børnesoldater

Islams børnesoldater

Det ser ud til, at Hamas har held med deres kanin-udsendelser. Ny håber jeg sandelig ikke, at Gylaj synes, det er klamt. (The Mirror via Jihad Watch)

CLUTCHING AK-47 rifles and marching to war… these chilling images (see the video player) show child soldiers on their way to fight British troops in Afghanistan.

The pictures come from a video (kan ses ved at følge linket oven over) filmed at an al-Qaeda training camp in Pakistan, where Taliban warlords are turning boys as young as FIVE into trained killers. Recorded only weeks ago, it captures a dozen nervous-looking boys in camouflage uniforms with headbands which say: There is no God but Allah.

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