Saudisk moral…. tsk, tsk…

De gik i »uanstændigt tøj«, de hørte høj musik fra deres biler, og de dansede grinende rundt for at få pigernes opmærksomhed. Det må man ikke i Saudi-Arabien, og derfor blev 57 unge mænd i torsdags anholdt og anklaget for at have flirtet med piger i indkøbscentre i Mekka. Kommissionen for dydens fremme og forebyggelse af forbrydelse, som hører under Saudi-Arabiens religiøse politi Mutaween, krævede de unge fyre anholdt med det samme. (Politiken)

Ja, Allan bevare os – hvad skulle det ellers ikke ende med? 😀

Den lille multikulturelle dagsdosis

Anerkendelsen af Kosovos selvstændighed

Det viser sig nu, at de islamistiske separatister i Nordindien, nærmere betegnet Kashmir, har fået vind i sejlene efter EU og USA har anerkendt den nye bananrepublik i Europa. Samtidig forhindrer NATO-soldater de serbisk-kosovariske studenter i at demonstrere (læs mere her)…

Nej, hvor er de altså dygtige i Bruxelles og Washington:

SRINAGAR, India (AFP) — Separatists in Indian Kashmir said Saturday Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence has bolstered their resolve to achieve the same status for the disputed Himalayan territory.

Kosovo last Sunday declared independence from Serbia, which vowed never to recognise the move.

Kosovo’s independence declaration has “strengthened our resolve to achieve freedom for Kashmir,” leading Kashmiri separatist Shabir Shah told AFP.

Several countries including the United States and Britain have recognised Kosovo as a new state, but India said it was studying the legal ramifications.

India is wary of recognising Kosovo as an independent state because of its possible ramifications for scenic Kashmir, which has been racked by a nearly two-decade-old revolt against New Delhi’s rule.

Nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan, which have fought two wars for control of the Muslim-majority region each, hold parts of the territory but claim it in full.

“Kosovo’s independence is an indicator that struggles based on truth and justice never fail,” Shah said, adding that the day is not “far when Kashmiris will be free.”

Ja, tak for kaffe…

Shah, 54, who heads the pro-independence Democratic Freedom Party, is dubbed the “Nelson Mandela” of Kashmir after spending more than 20 years in Indian jails.

Another separatist leader, Syed Ali Geelani, also said he was delighted by Kosovo’s independence proclamation, saying the “creation of a Muslim state within the European heartland has strengthened our resolve to achieve our right to self-determination.”

Creation of a muslim state within the European heartland – smag lige på ordene…

Geelani, however, wants Indian Kashmir to break away from India and join the neighbouring Islamic republic of Pakistan.

The insurgency in Kashmir has left more than 43,000 people dead by official count.

I Tjekkiet er begejstringen mildest talt heller ikke udelt:

PRAGUE (AFP)–Czech President Vaclav Klaus said Friday he fears snowballing separatist tendencies following Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence.

“I worry about the consequences of the separation of Kosovo from Serbia for other countries across Europe and the world,” said Klaus, who was re-elected last week for a second term in office, in a letter to opposition communist leader Vojtech Filip.

According to Klaus, who was quick to anticipate as then prime minister the “velvet divorce” separation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which came into effect on Jan. 1, 1993, events of the past week demand an “international” response.

“I understand the frustration and the disillusionment experienced by Serbs in Kosovo as well as in Serbia (itself),” he added of a nation he said was a “traditional friend” of the Czechs.

The Czech Republic has yet to recognize Kosovo, a foreign ministry spokesman saying only that the country would adopt a decision “which conforms to the majority view among European Union members.”