Kvinder i Iran

– behandles som æsler – af æsler. “Ingen tvang i religionen”, vel? Og det er HEEELT frivilligt at muhamedanske kvinder lader sig tvinge til at gå med krops-kondom, ikke? Iøvrigt siger de kloge halal-hippier, at tørklædet er et kulturelt fænomen og intet har med Islam at gøre. Naaaaaj. Fra Kr.D.:

Kvinder, som ikke respekterer hovedtørklædet hijab og deres mandlige ægtefæller, fortjener at dø.

hojatolislam-gholam-reza-hassani.jpgOrdene stammer fra den fremtrædende iranske imam Hojatolislam Gholam Reza Hassani, som leder fredagsbønnen i byen Uromieh i den iranske del af Azerbaijan.

“De må dø”
– Jeg forstår ikke, at disse kvinder, som ikke respekterer hijabben, stadig er i live 28 år efter den islamiske republiks fødsel, sagde han onsdag ifølge religionnewsblog.com.

Disse kvinder samt deres mænd og fædre må dø, sagde Hassani, som repræsenterer det iranske åndelige overhoved Ayatollah Khamenei i det østlige Azerbaijan.

The women in Iran are being abused in at least five ways:

  • The fact that their husbands and fathers apparently deserve to die for the ‘disobedience’ of ‘their women’ shows a medieval view that women are inferior to men and somehow meant to be the compliant property of their fathers and husbands.
  • Their right to choose their own clothes and determine their own appearance is being denied. They are under constant restriction from the Islamic state with the implicit criticism of the choices that some would wish to make. Any psychotherapist will tell you that criticising another person’s appearance cuts very deep. It expresses disapproval of not just the appearance, but of the person herself (or himself).
  • There is an implicit view that they must not express any form of sexuality. Human beings are fundamentally sexual beings. To deny people the right to express themselves are beings with a gender denies a huge part of who they are as human beings.
  • There is an implicit view that women are the danger and must accept all the responsibility. If a woman gets raped it is her fault for being a woman. There is no recognition that men are able to resist sexual temptation and should do so. The solution to the problem is to remove any prospect of sexual temptation and blame the woman rather than encourage men to behave responsibly and to accept some responsibility for any attraction.
  • The women are abused by the violence that is shown to them if they dare to not conform to the Islamic male agenda.

If women choose to wear the hijab as an expression of faith, let them do so. Any compulsion to do so, including threats of murder to themselves, their husbands, and their fathers is obscenely immoral and makes the whole notion of religious faith look totally ridiculous.

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