De seneste anti-islamiske begivenheder

via Jihad Watch – opdatering til historien her

kvinderne var udvalgt blandt evnessvage patienter:

Atta told state TV that both women were mentally disabled and their explosives were remotely detonated.

February 1, 2008

Two female jihad-martyrdom bombers kill at least 64 in Baghdad

The motivation for a female jihad-martyrdom bomber is murkier than for a male one. The libidinous aspect is not there, but there have been reports that at least some of these female bombers, if not the ones involved in these Baghdad attacks, are women who have come to be considered as having sullied the family’s purity, and as such, their surest path to Paradise is to take hold of Allah’s guarantee of it to those who “kill and are killed” for him (Qur’an 9:111). And that promise, of course, may be attractive also to those who do not otherwise face immediate death.

“At least 64 dead in Baghdad market bombs,” by Hamid Ahmed for Associated Press

The motivation would seem to be, that the incident is staged by male, anti-mohammadan fanatics sacrificing a couple of oligophrene women under their control, to do their dirty work for them. Anti-mohammadans are cowards, hiding behind women and children! A.L.

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    Larry Houle

    Muhammad created Islam as a criminal Mafia enterprise to make war against infidels, murder those infidels who refused to convert to Islam or pay a devastating submission tax (jizya) (criminal extortion) enslave their women and children, rape and breed them like cattle, loot their property and share 80% of the looted proceeds with the criminal Muslim jihadists with 20% going to Muhammad. If no fighting was involved then 100% of the proceeds went to Muhammad.

    Islam is on a holy mission decreed by Allah to conquer the world by whatever means necessary and make Islam- the only religion and Muslims the only people. This means the extermination or conversion by force or the threat of death or slavery of 5 billion people. The Koran is a blueprint for mass murder and the creation of a total totalitarian state with all human beings living in total submission to the will of Allah as expressed by the ETERNAL LAWS OF ALLAH (the ANTI GOD) in the Koran.

    Murdering infidels, stealing their property, raping their women and little girls, selling into slavery the women and little girls the Muslim men did not want to keep as sex slaves, breeding them for profit and the the imposition of the devastating jizya (submission) tax on the conquered peoples funded the Islamic armies allowing them to conquer more infidel nations, taking more slaves, more jizya, more sex slaves – a vicious deadly circle. These evil criminal acts are Islam – murder, looting, rape, and slavery.

    Muhammad invented Islam and Allah (the Anti God) and created fake revelations from this bogus Allah and presented them as the ETERNAL LAWS OF GOD. This ANTI GOD – Allah was presented as the same God worshipped by Christians and Jews. This allowed Muhammad to morally justify criminal acts as holy duties sanctioned by God to be rewarded on earth by unlimited wealth of booty, unlimited source of sex provided by sex slaves and future wealth by breeding and selling slaves. And for those Muslims who slayed and were slain in carrying out these evil criminal acts of the ANTI GOD were guaranteed accession to a Paradise of big breasted, lustrous eyed virgins who re – generate as virgins after each sex act to be molested by these righteous killers for all eternity.

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