EU har planer for os som vi helst ikke må vide noget om

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EU Wants to Increase Muslim Immigration and Internet Censorship
Fjordman – 10/2/2007
A few months ago, the EU’s Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini worried about what to do with illegal immigration. To no-one’s surprise, he appears to have settled for surrendering and making it legal. The skilled glossocrat Frattini has already banned the use of the phrase Islamic terrorism: “You cannot use the term ‘Islamic terrorism,'” he insisted. “People who commit suicide attacks or criminal activities on behalf of religion, Islamic religion or other religion, they abuse the name of this religion.” He now thinks we shouldn’t use the word “immigration,” either, we should talk about “mobility.” Moreover, the “Asian” and “African” immigrants in this case generally come from the predominantly Muslim countries of North Africa and the Middle East, with some additional ones from Pakistan and similar nations.

The EU has thus decided to flood Europe with tens of millions of Muslims, at the same time as peaceful Europeans demonstrating against the Islamization of Europe were brutally harassed by the police in the EU capital of Brussels.

In the future, the next time Islamic Jihad terrorists, I mean mobile workers enriching us with their presence when they are not abusing Islam, massacre scores of Europeans, the EU will assure us that they did everything in their power to stop this, and then they will continue facilitating the Islamization of the continent as if nothing has happened. The sensible option would be to point out that we had no Muslim terrorism in Western Europe before we had Muslim immigration. The key to ending Muslim terrorism should then logically be to end and preferably reverse Muslim immigration. The EU’s solution to this is to continue and even increase Muslim immigration while stopping web searches for the word “bomb.” The scary part is that once the infrastructure and principle of Internet censorship has become firmly established, it could be widened to include other kinds of illegal or unwanted activities, for instance “racist” and “xenophobic” websites criticizing Islam or mass immigration. And make no mistake about it: They will do so. They are probably planning this as we speak.

Notice how EU officials announce sweeping and potentially irreversible changes, proclaim that they are “inevitable” and that we may just as well adapt and get used to it. Resistance is futile. This is a lie and it always has been. The entire European Union has been created by such lies, repeated year after year. The gradual destruction of formerly independent nation states was carefully planned and executed, and the introduction of mass immigration from non-Western countries has been and still is a crucial component of this plan. Notice how Frattini specifically singles out Italy, which has so far received less immigration than many other countries in Western Europe, for attention. He also mentions Hungary, one of the newer EU members from the former Communist bloc, meaning that these countries, too, are now supposed to receive a dose of Multicultural diversity, whether they like it or not. The purpose of this immigration, not just between European countries but from Muslim and non-EU countries as well, is to dilute and destroy the established nation states and their culture, until the natives in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Britain, Spain etc. are too weak and demoralized to resist the creation of a pan-European superstate. Opposition to this policy should be banned as racism and hate speech.

Muslim immigration is destabilizing the entire European continent. Since the EU, which should more properly be called the anti-European Union, is facilitating this, the continued existence of the EU now constitutes a mortal threat to the very survival of European civilization. Every day the EU exists brings Europe one step closer to the grave.
EU told to accept 20m migrant workers
The Financial Times, 12 September

Europe must relax its immigration controls and open the door to an extra 20m workers during the next two decades, the European Union’s justice chief will say on Friday. Franco Frattini, justice commissioner, is to tell the bloc’s immigration ministers in Lisbon that the EU should stop erecting barriers and instead build safe pathways for Africans and Asians who risk their lives heading to the continent to find a job. “We have to look at immigration not as a threat but – when well-managed, and that is our new task – as an enrichment and as an inescapable phenomenon of today’s world,” he will say. He will suggest the word immigration should be dropped in favour of “mobility”. Germany, Italy and Hungary, with their ageing populations, are most in need of immigrants. The reforms could lead to a more than doubling of the EU’s foreign-born population by 2030.

Web search for bomb recipes should be blocked: EU
Reuters, 10 September

Internet searches for bomb-making instructions should be blocked across the European Union. Internet providers should also prevent access to any site giving instructions on how to make a bomb, EU Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini said in an interview. “I do intend to carry out a clear exploring exercise with the private sector … on how it is possible to use technology to prevent people from using or searching dangerous words like bomb, kill, genocide or terrorism.” The EU executive is to make this proposal to member states early in November as part of a raft of anti-terrorism proposals. These include the screening of private data of passengers flying into the 27-nation bloc and the creation of an early warning system to alert police forces to thefts of explosives. Representatives of the Internet industry are meeting the EU on the sixth anniversary of al Qaeda’s September 11 attacks on the United States, at a European Security Research and Innovation Forum. European legislation would spell out the principles of blocking access to bomb instructions. The details would be worked out by each country. Disconnecting a Web site immediately was currently possible only in a minority of EU states including Italy, Frattini said. “The level of the threat (in the EU) remains very high. That’s why I am making appeals and appeals for stronger and closer cooperation.”

Fjordman is a noted Norwegian blogger who has written for many conservative web sites. He used to have his own Fjordman Blog in the past, but it is no longer active.


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  1. Multikulturalisme, Eurabia, EU og resten af de tiltag til nationalstatens underminering er allesammen dybt afhængige af censur og undertrykkelse. Stykke for stykke måned for måned undermineres ytringsfriheden og øges censuren.

    I England er der lige vedtaget en ny lov der kan give syv års fængsel for homofobiske udtalelser.

    New law means anti-gay comments could lead to seven years in jail

    Daily Mail som dette link henviser til går i øvrigt foran i censuren. Gennem tiden har jeg indimellem prøvet at kommentere et indlæg der, men ingen af dem fandt nåde for censurens øjne.

    Her er mit seneste forsøg fra den 9 oktober:

    Locking a guy up for seven years is sure to make a him love homosexuals when he comes out.

    The whole idea of limiting free speech is crazy enough as it is, but the completely ridiculous sentences proposed for such non violent “crimes” sound like pure lunacy.

    I suppose that’s the way they ended up in the US with sentences like “three consecutive life sentences”.

    Yea right. If serving your 16 year old son a beer on his birthday can land two parents in jail for more than a year, how are you going to punish a real bad guy?

    The philosophy behind it all seems to be that to prevent racism, anti-semitism, xenophobia, homophobia and islamophobia we need to create a Nazi state… And it’s not just happening in Britain, but all around Europe.

    Det var for åbenbart for meget for de sarte Britiske censorer.

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